As you could of guessed it by now: I like food that looks good. Visuality is just part of everything I do, everything had to look right for me to have any interest in it. Look at this thing? Is this even food? How absolutely subliminal is the way its presented?

Deserts. Sweets. Not a big fan of sugary stuff. My deserts always have to be super light, breezy, literally to just feel a tiny bit of sweetness after the meal, and i’m done. How great is this idea? I saw these Cigarette Russes on the Cupcakes & Cashmere blog, and I wanted to eat it, make it, do it, pronto! Still didn’t try, so I will just enjoy the visual; don’t they look like they belong in the Hamptons summer share? Or in Stella’s or Gwyneth’s house? Hell, I can even see it in Ozzy’s house, which means I automatically want it.

To get the recipe, click here. And if you attempt to make it, please share the pics. Specially if you decide to put your own spin to it!