I’m seriously visually obsessed with food. A while back, I wrote about this food photographer lady, Katie Quinn Davies and the amazing job she’s doing, shooting food. It makes me want to bite the screen, how unbelievable it all looks. It’s not just food, it’s the way she decorates the whole shot, it’s the detail around the food that makes it great, the actual food, the utensils, the crumbs, the way it’s all proportioned and aligned, agh, it is just out of this world. Look at this cake! The Guinness Cake?? How astonishing does this shot look? And the cake? How amazing does it look, for christ sake? I want to get married, just to have this cake. The colors?! Cake that looks goth-y…..? Out of this world.

To have the recipe for this cake, click here. To check her blog again and again and again, click here.

You must.




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