We all have kinds of meals we’re making when we have plenty of time to play around the stove, but also the ones when we’re in super rush and have 10 minutes to whip something up! My quickie food when I’m in the rush is – Bowls. Even when I’m rushing I’m eating good food, and bowls with lots of cool/healthy ingredients mixed and dressed well, are life.

I always remember my ex, a huge meat & potato lover, teasing me about mixing 16 different kinds of foods in my bowl! “Is that food for pigs?”. “How can you mix all that?!” He could never understand my penchant for variety of healthy foods mixed together!

But I’m telling you, it’s worth it. People think I’m 10 years younger than I am, and I barely even have the time to hit the gym last year or so. My looks, my body, my skin; it’s all food.

And the options of what to mix in your bowl are endless! I was born & raised on the Mediterranean Sea; growing up, my family always had all kinds of fish at the lunch/dinner table, with loads of greens, loads of veggies; rarely any meat. We ate lots of soups, everything was extremely light & healthy, even our deserts!

What do I mix in my bowls? As I said, the options are really endless, you can mix just about any ingredients that go together well (even if you make a mistake in combining them, don’t sweat it! That’s how you learn what goes well together). What I usually choose from is tuna (rarely from a can, I grill my own tuna steak, it takes you exactly 4 minutes, 2 on each side on some light olive or coconut oil), avocado, cherry tomato ( you can pick regular if you like, I just don’t like big juicy tomatoes that drip), beans, peas, spinach, mushroom, quinoa, brown rice, butternut squash, carrots and so on. I dress it only with pink salt, pepper and olive oil!

When I moved to Los Angeles, I found my ultimate perfection of a Bowl, the superBOWL of all bowls ever mixed in my life, from the popular LA Vegan spot Real Food Daily. It’s called a Mediterranean Bowl (hello!), and it’s one of their classics that does not move from the menu for years and years; it’s that popular. If you live in LA, or ever come to visit you have to hit Real Food Daily and try this. It’s a vegan spot yes, but trust me, all you heard about vegan food not being tasty is a myth! Plus it’s a celeb vegan place, so you’ll be dinning next to David Duchovny or Danny DeVito on most days, so let me drag you there on that account, you’ll not regret it. Trust!

What goes into the famed Mediterranean Bowl at the Real Food Daily?

  • Arugula
  • Tomato
  • Avocado
  • Lemon herb dressing
  • Cucumber
  • Kalamata olives salsa
  • White bean basil salat (the best taste on the planet!)
  • Quinoa
  • Almond feta cheese (if you never tried vegan cheese, you don’t know what you’re missing!)
  • Whole wheat flatbread

I grab it in the restaurant once a week, or I make it myself, and it’s the best combo of ingredients/flavours mixed together! It’s super healthy, its tasty, and I recommend you try making it, or something similar yourself!

Remember, you don’t need to go full on vegan to be healthy, just trying to implement it in your life as much as you can, helps tremendously with your health, and your looks. If you didn’t know, most of those celebrities you read about and wonder how young they look for their age, they are most likely vegan. Their is a statistical opinion coming from the experts, and it stated – when a person goes vegan, they stop at that age. Look at Jared Leto, age 43; or David Duchovny, age 55, both vegan. They look not 10, but 20 years younger, not just in face that can be fixed today with the help of modern medicine & treatments, but the body! Always look at the body. That’s what food does.

Try it! Throw out the milk, substitute it with Almond milk, try eating meat only once or twice a week if you can’t live without it, eat as much fish as you can, mushroom, avocado, and try to implement as much of vegan stuff you can! And then see your body transform.