TV is going to end me one day. I used to be a nice little girl that loved to watch the movies, you watch a movie and you go to bed. Go. Done. Disappear. Tomorrow is a new day. New story.

But Television? It will end me.

I swear to God I don’t know how these people do it, these evil people that make TV-Shows, how they make it so that you get fucking hooked and can not eat, sleep, live until you finish all 64 seasons; how do you do it people?!

People that make TV shows, they are serious criminals. Trust me. The way they screw you over, the way they begin so you don’t suspect ANYTHING, the way they just trow the plot out there like its peanuts, the way the fool you into thinking you can control it, watch it while still having a life, watch it and still sleep, eat, breathe, socialize, bzzzzzzz! Yeah right! They fucking screw you over so elegantly, you can’t even tell at what point you got screwed!

Yes please, penetrate me, put in some classic one girl two guys situation room, complicate it a tiny bit, make it fucking impossible, give me some obstacle, God, it’s so easy! You know when you know you’re getting screwed but you just can’t get up and leave?

Throw in a predicament: they love each-other but he’s a secret brother, or she loves his brother, or he’s a dirty biker, she’s a doctor, or she’s getting adopted but in love with the bro, or she’s a doctor and he’s a redneck, or he somehow ended up with a friend and is trying to climb back to her or she screwed a friend but likes him and he’s the guy’s bestie and let the games begin and please lets watch 64 sessions to fret and wait for them to get back to each-other like its a real motherfucking life and not a TV show that these evil people made up solely to screw your life.

Hey, I get it. Entertainment. I’m highly entertained. It’s all i am 24/7, no life, but entertained.

What I don’t get is myself. I live in Hollywood for Christ sake and I know most of those people and I see most of these people but when I push that play button I get sucked in and live their invented love problems made specifically for morons like me, and it doesn’t matter that I saw that guy in Coffee Bean this afternoon ordering some Vanilla Bullshit Latte, 5 hours later, hey, lets not sleep for 72 hours and lets see if he will finally kiss her in the episode #653! Hey, the other one almost crashed at you on his bike in real life, but 3 days later, press that play button, and OMG how does the season finish?! DOES HE DIE??

Bitch, he almost drove into you. He’s alive. He’s AN ACTOR. He’s probably sending his penis pictures to some idiot he meet in a bar around your house.

But does he kiss her in the show?! OMG, in what episode?!