I don’t know about you, but I have always been a fan of small bites. Huge amounts of food where you have two pieces of something on your plate never satisfied me. Mixing all bunch of different tastes in one portion is how I do food. Small, but fireworks of different flavors.

Therefore, bruschetta’s we always one of my favorites, specially when you’re rushing, don’t have time to cook, but also want to eat something tasty, rather than bland! But it’s easy to get into a routine of always eating the same food, that’s why I’m always on a lookout for some inspiration in combining ingredients.

Look at this heaven up there? Exactly what the doctor ordered!

  • Shaved parmesan with roasted plums
  • Avocado with sea salt and crushed pepper flakes
  • Burrata cheese with grilled peach and basil
  • Ricotta cheese with shaved cucumber and grilled corn
  • Cream cheese with sliced apple and crushed nuts
  • Basil leaves with crushed peas, shaved parmesan and dap of olive oil
  • Goat cheese with prosciutto and figs
  • Goat cheese with shaved asparagus and ground pepper
  • Pesto with cherry tomatoes and parmesan
  • Cottage cheese with sardine and hard boiled egg

Try. Tell. Enjoy!