Hi people! Welcome to Why Female. And welcome to the straight talk! I created this platform, this online community because I needed it. I spent better time of my life expressing myself through writing. Throughout the years, successful blogs, and hundreds of subjects covered; from culture, society I found challenging to navigate at time, to the entertainment I liked; somehow, the number one subject I was always most passionate to write about - was women’s issues.

I wrote for me. I wrote because I needed to heal myself by analyzing the issues I encountered in this world, issues with friends, relationships, career obstacles, my own identity, my own self-care. Those were also the subjects that got the most responses from people, or to be more precise - other women. Somehow, silently, the community was forming! When you think about it, the only thing we all actually have in this world is - relatedness. A connection that bonds us, no matter the age, color of the skin, circumstances; at some point or another in life, we will all go through same exact moments.

The experiences I wrote about, spoke to other women. I met so many interesting humans beings by communicating with them, via my screen. The reason why I think women connected to me is the fact I wasn’t writing “pretty”, I wasn’t trying to be liked or present a front or showcase the best parts of my life; I dug in, into challenging subjects. I was sincere. And raw. I wrote about my struggles, I opened up more than my comfort and desire for solitude and privacy demanded of me. And the feedback I got from women, helped me in return. Feeling someone’s passion seep through an informed, researched subject + personal experience, and allowing that passion on both sides of the conversation to bond, made everything worth the while.

Hi! Welcome to my site. I'm Miranda Vidak, designer & creative director based in Los Angeles, California. I'm a founder & designer of Moodytwin Brand, and founder of Miranda Vidak Studio.

I Blame Miranda is a platform I created for all the curious, opinionated, creative minds in search of an original content and authentic thought. I cover subjects on popular culture, life, relationships, screen & bite. I hope you join me on this ride, take your shoes off, kick back and self-search with me!

If you're interested in purchasing clothing or accessories from my clothing brand, please visit Moodytwin.

If you want to collaborate with me on creative projects, or if you want to hire me for branding, web design, graphics, pitch decks, content creation or creative direction, please visit my digital studio at Miranda Vidak.

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