This year’s Golden Globes had only one highlight for me. Tina Fey telling her internet haters to fuck off. Ok, one more, Colin Farrell sniffing really bad and saying: “This is from the cold, not that other stuff It used to be…” That was prime.

But Tina Fey? O my god, that woman is priceless. Such effortless, subtle but powerful digs at society. What surprised me most about her telling her haters to fuck off (to suck it, to be exact), on national television, with every single celeb’s face filled with recognition of similar ordeal; was the reaction of people afterwards – “I couldn’t believe she reads that shit written about her.

People that never been through it just don’t get it. A surprise that someone as famous as Tina would read what they say about her? Instead of being surprised why so many frustrated idiots spend hours and hours bashing someone very successful they barely even know, people are surprised that Tina reads what people write about her? Welcome to the world people, when everything is completely opposite then it should be.

Isn’t it normal that we react on things connected to our name? Isn’t it normal that we respond when somebody calls our name? Isn’t it normal to turn our head automatically when we see our name written somewhere? Even if you don’t read it which many don’t cause it’s basically the same like eating air, absolutely pointless; sometimes stuff written about you just finds you by accident.

What should you do in that moment? How dare should you have an opinion about an opinion random people have on you; you need to selflessly allow strangers to feel better by bashing you. Is that bullying? Yeah, but get it together, you are rich, successful, famous; who cares if you’re bullied, right? Should you not endure SOME shit for everything you’ve got, right?

Only one form of action here. Take it public. Take it opposite then the internet hates are operating, take their hate out of anonymity. Say it on Globes platform. SAY IT.

My Personal Jesus of saying it, Ricky Gervais. Going head to head with these fuckers. One of my favourite pieces of internet literature, “A Letter of Warning” on Ricky’s Official Blog. Instructions to the readers, slash, haters.

Ricky Gervais, “A Letter of Warning” to all my readers;

I enter this blog knowing that there will be swear words and politically incorrect terms of abuse that may make me cry if I am a little nonce.

In fact, even if I find something so offensive that puts me all in a tizz, I will bite my tongue or a lovely big cock, whichever is tastier to me or works as a better pacifier.

I may well find things that I don’t find funny, but I promise I won’t try to deconstruct the “so called humor” on forums read by 12 other losers as that would be as constructive as writing things in shit on a toilet wall.

No, instead I will show Ricky how comedy should be done and become more successful than him, as the best revenge is living well.

If I am a sensitive little flower and, not heeding this warning, still read the blog only to find something that offends me, I will never read the blog again. To do otherwise would be stupid and show that I am a masochistic and feeble nerd with no life.

I have read the above and agree to the terms and conditions.




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If you like my work and want to support it, buy me a cup of coffee! For more of my content, check out my publication on Medium and personal stories on Substack.

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