My friends are trying to get me to watch Angels in America for the longest time now. Once famed Broadway play from the genius of Tony Kushner, and then the superlative film that collected all the award nominations possible, and something i could never put my hands onto.

But i finally saw it the other day. O, man. Indescribable peace of work. The roller-coaster of love, lust, greed, shame, power, loss; an absolute master piece. Can not believe it took me this long to see it.

Angels in America’ is starring one of the most accomplished actors of today; Al PacinoMeryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Mary Louise Parker, but i betcha you’ll walk away remembering Justin Kirk, playing the character of Prior Walter. Such a lavishly loud performance, it “attacks” all your senses, his impudent homoerotic performance blew me away. An amazing craftiness and capability to shift from decadence to resurrection. If you’re prudish, it’s probably not something you should see, but if you don’t mind checking out the the absolute masterpiece that is dubbed as gay fantasia on National Themes, it’s a must. Ground-breaking piece of work. Astonishingly well written. How can you not see something with these lines –

“I’m a Mormon”.

“I’m a homosexual”.

“In my Church, we don’t believe in homosexuals”.

“In my Church, we don’t believe in Mormons”.

Eternal. Genius.

I first saw Justin Kirk act, literally, 10 years ago – in a TV-show called Jack & Jill, and i believe i didn’t see anything else by him in the mean time. But as soon as i put Angels in America” on, i remembered him instantly. He’s just one of those faces you don’t forget. One of the most underrated actors of his generation. Check out the Dream scene. Remarkable performance.

Where to watch Justin now? Weeds, Showtime.

Miranda Vidak
Miranda Vidak

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