To the risk of challenging one’s level of coolness, I wanted to be uncool as to include food in my little site you’re sailing right this moment. Not everything in life has to be cool, well I stand corrected, it absolutely does, but occasionally, one has to succumb to eat-sleep-breathe trinity and highlight its perks.

Joking aside, and the fact aside I find food visually thrilling, I wanted to include bites into my MAKE section, simple because, like me, there are so many people out there struggling with types of food they want to eat (read = they do not want to put garbage in their mouths). Finding time and new ideas how to make those same bites somewhat inventive and pleasing, not an easy task. We all live in the fast lane these days, and to make something quick that’s also healthy and not always the same, it’s a challenge.

I struggle with food, every day of my life. It’s something all of my family struggles with, health wise. We all have food issues, stomach pains, we can’t eat heavy food most people can, and i’m the worst. I get hives when I eat too much bread, pasta, wheat (or as nowadays they call it – gluten), everything is heavy for my stomach, and sometimes something as much as salad or rice can make me feel like I just downed  5 pounds of beef. So my solution is – I can never be too full, but I can’t be starved either – both make me hurl. I always have to stay right at the cusp of being feed, but being kinda empty-ish. While most people don’t even think what or when they eat, I have to be aware, all the time.

The only foods that make me feel all right, and the ones I can eat to the infinite amounts, without repercussions, are: salmon, tuna, avocado, asparagus, cottage cheese, kale, cauliflower, beans, beets, sushi. Luckily, those are the foods I like most. The challenge is; making a meal out of it, every single day! There are so few or them, its easy to ran out of ideas, therefore i’m always on the lookout for something new, or a new way to make a meal out of healthy, fun ingredients!

I’ll share my finds with you, and by all means, please share yours with me.

Let’s eat.