A few more days until SATC 2 comes knocking. I have to say, not really excited as I was about the first one. Why? Simple. It’s going to suck ass. And it’s hard for me to see something I love going down the drains. Never in my life have I seen a movie trailer sucking so bad that you just know you’ll be disappointed to no return. See, that’s the first thing I don’t get about SATC 2 – usually, studios make very smart and deceptive trailers; the ones that lure you in the theater. The movie ends up sucking, but no one really cares since they already made money on you. But this one? So terribly bad, it’s like it’s crying for help bad.

Listen, it’s no big deal, I enjoy the clothes and that’s what I’ll be concentrating on (aside from my jumbo popcorn), while the movie be sucking, but still.


And Aidan? Why in the hell would you bring back the character that was so annoying to the point of no return the first time around? “Whachu doin’ Carrie, whatchu doin’…? Oh my god, Michael Patrick King, o my god. Are you serious? Aidan?

Abu Dhabi. Aidan. Hot flashes. No New York.


But enough about that. The movie itself is not what’s most annoying upon its release. It’s all the hoopla chicks around the world are pulling. I always found it utterly annoying when women that never step foot in NY think they can relate to Sex and the City storylines. “O I know right, that Big, my boyfriend in Poland is exactly the same”……”Oh, that club in last night’s episode, I was in that kind of club yesterday in Milan, and exactly the same thing happened to me”………”Oh, you know what, what Samantha and Miranda did last night, I completely get it, I experienced the exact same thing with my best friend back home in whatever dump that is not New York”….

Or when they find another 3 friends, dress like characters, go out on the town, order some cosmos and justify all their failures with – Oh, it’s so Sex and The City, never mind! We must be fine.

Come on women. Cut it out. You can like and love SATC. But you can’t really relate. Guys, relationships, clubs, restaurants, friendships, attitudes you see in Sex and the City storylines are attributive specifically to the City of New York and it’s attitude. Nothing of it is inherent to any other place in the world. It’s a specific way of life in NY that only New Yorkers do and understand. Specially the guys. The types of guys you watched on SATC are the ones typical of NYC. I lived in NY from my 20-30th year of age, trust me. I know. Storylines you watched in SATC series are real plots, written by a group of NY writers that used their own real experiences with work, clubbing, guys, relationships, friendships….and implemented it in the screenplay. Things they wrote about and things you saw on screen are very peculiar. Very NY. Only NY. Unless you live or have lived in NY, you can’t really understand it fully.

And by the way, just because you write your diary or have a blog – you’re not – “sooo Carrie”. Even though you finish your conversations with questions, like – “Was that what I wanted? Was that all worth it?….you are still not “a Carrie”. You probably just want to be much more interesting, than you really are.

And no, you can’t be slutty and justify it to yourself by saying – “I’m sooo Samantha”. You can’t be boring and justify it to yourself by saying – “I’m so Charlotte”. And you can’t say – “I’m sooo Miranda” if you………hell who am I kidding, nobody wants to be a Miranda!

Well except for me. I kinda have no choice.

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If you like my work and want to support it, buy me a cup of coffee! For more of my content, check out my publication on Medium and personal stories on Substack.

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