With each Twilight Saga movie coming out my mind goes to Gaspard Ulliel: an almost Edward Cullen. Did you know that? Did you know that besides Robert Pattinson, two more people were in the running for the role of Edward; Henry Cavill and Gaspard Ulliel. Gaspard being the absolute fan favorite, all the internet forums, petitions screamed for him, everyone that read the books imagined Gaspard Ulliel as the face of Edward. I did too when I read the books!

Robert did a good job with Edward, even though he always looked like he was forced at gunpoint to do it; but somehow every time a new Twilight movie comes out I can’t help but think what Gaspard would bring to the role.

There’s just something so ethereal yet strong, solid about this guy, in every role he plays, and I’m way too excited to witness how great his career will get, and all he’ll achieve in the future!