Finally. The poster. The trailer that is banned. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating issue. God, I can not wait to see this movie. And the whole controversy is pumping me to the extremes. It’s a rare opportunity in diabolic Hollywood where one has a chance to see – real relationship movie. Romantic whatever, you can call it.

Usually it’s the same ol’ crap recycled over and over again. But BLUE VALENTINE? God, I can’t wait. To finally see the relationship on the screen the way they are in real life; bare and troubling. Like we’re there with them, participating. To be happy when they are, to be uncomfortable when they are. That’s what I’ve been waiting for since 500 Days of Summer. Blue Valentine is about something everyone on the planet experienced. A relationship that changed. Fallen apart. The one you thought it will always stay exactly like in the beginning, and you thought – “well, others are others, but mine will be like this forever”. And than it changes before you finished the sentence. ‘Blue Valentine’ is about the sides of the change that happened; whose fault is it? Who of the two is the blame? How does it sneak up on us? The struggle between the senses and the thought. The struggle of all struggles – trying to co-exist with another human being.

But like everything that caries a truth, ‘Blue Valentine’ stepped into minefield. MPAA gave them NC-17 rating that the producer Harvey Weinstein is trying to appeal and get an R. To get NC-17?? The movie that is neither a horror or a thriller? Wait, what? According to MPAA, the movie is too raw. Or let me put it in their words –

“It’s showing a shocking, gory depiction of a dying marriage.”

Wow. Fuck artistic expression, bring on the ‘Bounty Hunter’!

To quote  film’s star Michelle Williams –

“we live in the world where honest portrayal of a relationship is more threatening than the sensationalized one.”

To be honest with you, I don’t give a fuck about the rating. Last time I checked, I wasn’t 17. But what I do care about this whole ordeal limiting this great film’s audience – is its Oscar chances. And these two; RYAN GOSLING & MICHELE WILLIAMS fucking deserve it for this. Beyond.

God forbid they stop dumbening us for 90 min. That’s just outrageous.

Blue Valentine opens on Dec. 31


Miranda Vidak
Miranda Vidak

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