It’s no secret I’m not really ecstatic with the current times I, as well as we all live in. One would say it’s to be appreciated, all the modernism and technology we all have been blessed with, all the options we have in life, all the opportunities, freedoms and such perks. I don’t know about you, I’m not exactly thrilled. To have more is to have less. Think about it. You think it was worst to live in, I don’t know, 18, 19 century when things, people, relationships actually mattered? When conversation, not just yapping, but actually saying something – mattered. A word. Word was important back then, it actually meant something. Courting between people, the little things; the letters, the notes, emotions that were solid, and not fickle as today. Everything is fickle today. We have everything, but that everything made us really have nothing.


I went to se Anna Karenina today, and this trailer I saw before the movie made me think – options. Do you ever think about that at all? All the options that we have in life, and where did they take us exactly? Are we having more, are we living fuller lives, is the quality or our lives or relationships better because of all the options we have? The trailer that made me think of it, it was for the movie called The Sessions, staring Helen Hunt. It’s a true story of a neck down paralyzed man who’s 38 years old, but full of life; he decides he wants to loose his virginity, enlists the sex specialist (yes, they say it’s based on a real person), who will help him achieve that. Enter Helen Hunt. It was just a trailer, but something downed on me, even in those couple of minutes – the way he treated this woman, and let’s be realistic, Helen Hunt is not really an epitome of beauty, but she was the world to him, the way he looked at her, the way he spoke to her. She was everything to him. She was the ONLY thing to him. He never had a chance of anything with anyone else, and this woman was enough. It was enough because it was the only thing for him. The only option.

We live in the world with more and more options every day, and where did it get us? Are we having better, fuller lives because of it? There’s everything of everything around us, we have access to just about everything we set our eyes or our minds to, and what happened because of everything of everything around us – it made us have less. The social networks made it even worse, now that’s the fraud of the century; it makes you see all these people, real or not, fake pics or not and it twists your reality and sense of possibilities; it makes you think – o, there are so many men, women, so many cool, good looking people, I can do anything! And what it really makes you is ending up with unrealistic expectation, illusion of something better that only makes you not appreciate something that you might have next or close to you.

Options made us fickle, unreliable, greedy, hectic.

Having so many options ruined our option for anything meaningful, other than pretending so many things, people, clothes & gadgets around us makes us feel complete.

And how could it ever? Can we even stand still for a second to see that it might? Do we even have a second, out of running to the next and next and next option lurking around the corner…..?

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If you like my work and want to support it, buy me a cup of coffee! For more of my content, check out my publication on Medium and personal stories on Substack.

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