Relaysh’s. I will never ever stop being fascinated with constant fascinations by it. It’s too trailor-park for me. So lame, living vicariously through other people, wanting to know what the hell is going on in their relationships. I don’t give two shits about it. I’ll read about other people’s relaysh’s business, but I will not dissect it, I will not analyze it, christ sake, aren’t you tired of your own to care about other people’s? And I ware myself out caring about what the people I read about wear, or what they had on when they went to Pumpkin Patch, or how they walked out of the club and if the lipstick is still there, I also like to see where they jog or what they had on, was it properly picked gym attire, or if was more like in the Hank Moody alley; a cut jean shorts, a short sleeve tee over a long sleeve tee, knee length sock….that sorta thing. Also, I always wonder if they swing Coffee Bean or Starbucks. It’s important. Personally, I’m a Coffee Bean.

My relationship. Hmmm. 8 years and running. Fucking life time. Did I ever thought I can hold that long without killing myself, or him; no. But I made it. I fucking made it. And all the people you’re going to be with, they will go on your nerves so grandiosely, I guarantee you that. Take an advice, soak it, and put the sock in it. Mine, he pisses me off, often. Why? It all goes into that default socks-talk-video game holly trinity. But I’m so happy exactly he is the one I picked to annoy me this long. If you going to pick the one that’ll annoy you, you might as well pick a good annoyer. Mine is monumentally talented in everything he does. He annoys, he loves, he tolerates, he sees – the best. The best thing about him; he sees really good! His eyes are kinda small-ish, but boy he sees good.

People like problems. People don’t like when you don’t give them problems. Fuck you motherfucker, have some fucking problems! Uhmmm, sorry. I have problems in just about every single aspect of humanity and what involves or circulates around it; you name it, I have problems with it! Everything. The only thing I truly know how to do right is – boys. And there’s just one I dated in some point in my life that I do not talk to today. That one was just way to blah to try. Annoying annoying. Not cool annoying like sock-talk-video game annoying but annoying annoying. Still, a great record, right?! It’s important to stay good with boys you were with. I keep it in check. That one? Check! That order one? Check! I don’t know why women trip about boys and are frustrated with them, but have gazilion of girlfriends? I think it’s not natural. Boys are so much better to be aight with! Friends too. They fucking suck most of the time. Except my New York friends. They are all way too cool for school. Maybe it’s New York. I mean, how can you be from New York and NOT be cool? It just doesn’t go.

So my infamous relationship came into question because, quote, he spend his birthday in Croatia, and I in Los Angeles, un-quote. Would you look at that? A scandal! Full on blown red scandal! With pic’s and all! Call the presses! Out of all the things human mind can make up, THAT’s what they come up with? Who? All of them, friends that wish you well, and media with their platitudes. I like the approach, tho. You have to admire the approach. I always worshiped individuals that presented crap like newly typed PhD Thesis from Harvard. I strongly believe those are the same people their parents assured they are so talented and special and deep, regardless what their mediocre results through life showed. I idolize those. Those are the ones that single-handedly made this planet what it is today; a pure fuckery.

You know what’s the trouble with the civilized world (are we sure about that?)….The subordination of a mind. To think so small, and do even smaller. Especially women, subordination is written all over woman’s DNA and rarely most are even rebelling against it. Why don’t women rebel agains it? Why not demand some power, for yourself and how you treat other women? How you think about other women? And if you get served a story telling you how another woman is bad or she fucked up her relationship because she decided something she needs to do is more important than any man, and you take it on, what is wrong with you?

And give me some credit. Cuz if I want to do shit and stir the masses, I’ll give you a worth while. I’m not going to do it pussy style, I’ll do it real full on mayhem style. Ok? Ok.

Glad we had that talk.

O, you thought I will explain the state of my relationship or the breakup? The real truth? Sorry. I don’t do that. I like you to be in the limbo. You’re on your own. After all, I always say gossip is like a buffet; everyone picks what they want to believe.

And i’m ok with whatever you eat.