As I said in my Hiatus post, there’s few things that happened in this past year while I was on, you guessed it – hiatus – that have a spot in my bucket. One is them, the ending of Californication. If you know me personally, you’d know that show was my Holy Grail of surviving this town. The way they did the absurdities of Hollywood through one man’s personal & professional journey, it gave me comfort. He gave me comfort. His unconformity gave me comfort.

To conclude how brilliantly this series penetrated us for 7 years, it would be an understatement. It screwed us, had sex with us, banged us, pounded us. Almost as good as the real thing.

I don’t know about you, but Califonication gave me many orgasms. The plot, the words, the cast, it was climaxing. I loved many shows in my TV adoring career, but this one? It was LIFE.

It had all the ingredients I needed. New York / LA parallel. Words. Sarcasm. Plots hard to comprehend unless you ever habituated in Hollywood. The ridiculousness of it all. This place that is nearly laughable but somehow ruling the planet. The palm trees. You can’t go without palm trees. Very Important. The guy. THE WORDS.

The guy. The one David Duchovny. The man. The legend. Scarily comfortable in this role. Hank Moody? I refuse to accept you do not exist and part of you is not deep instilled in David Duchovny. I refuse.

Epic epic ride.

I expected a lot from the ending of the series. After having such brilliant run, the ending has to be epic, right?! And I have to say, it didn’t penetrate me, bang me, pound me as I expected. It was a 4 minute fornication, that ending. Did you see that ending?! Like you see this beautiful guy that’s totally climbable (I heard that phrase the other day, and I got married to it), and he ends up ejaculating in 3 minutes. The culmination was rising for 7 years for the Cali epic fornication love story, and…? He read her his words on a plane? On a plane?  And that lets switch seat detail? Is this a Jennifer Aniston movie? #IThinkNot

Not happy, David Duchovny. Not happy.

I, at least expected the kid is creating diversion to get the to NY for her wedding only to actually stage THEIR wedding, now that would be a Cali effin Fornication ending,

But hey. Lets not get greedy. 7 years of epic sex is worth one final 3 minute ejaculation.