This past year while I was on hiatus was particularly fruitful when marriages are concerned. Celebrity marriages, to be precise. I took great interest in the particular three that occurred. Not so much for the voyeuristic purposes; I didn’t really care about their locations, decorations, vows and the types of flowers they picked, but more what each one represented. And what they represented is a beautiful showcase of types of men, unions, society and human conditions that are both discouraging and hopeful.


A Kanye marriage I already said some words about in one of my previous posts. I can’t help but always think about same exact thing when I think about that union, a quote from an Esquire Magazine, an interview with Tina Fey, when the reporter asked her: Tina, everyone’s saying you’re the intelligent man’s dream girl.” And when Tina epicly responded: “Naaah, an intelligent men also wants to screw Megan Fox!” It scares me to think just how many intelligent, educated, great men in this world are not aspiring to find an equal partner, but instead opting for the types of girls that are nothing but ornamental.

You can disagree with me and my opinion of Kanye, but I will disagree with you and sidebar both of our opinions in the name of facts, and the fact is – professionally, he is the closest to multitalented genius that exists right now. But Kim is not just ornamental, you say, she is his equal? Wrong. Strip the circumstances she’s been given, family ties and resources and she’s just that. Girl about shopping. No aspirations. No achievements. No real interest or concern in society, culture, anything of real substance.

Lesson: Pray to universe you don’t fall for this kind of man, unless you are this type of chick, then by all means, good luck in finding one! There are in majority. You shall be fine.


Angie & Brad. Now that’s a type of union that is so absolute, its hard to look on the inside. Here is this beautiful man, with the most superficial job on the planet, yet unfazed by his looks, popularity, reach; a man who’s smart, charitable, multitalented; the type of roles he picks, the passion projects with such strong messages that he produces, he designs jewelry, dubs in architecture & interior design, he is a heartthrob and a stud who is a great lay, but also an amazing father? And the equally impressive, versatile, complete and passionate partner?

As I said, it’s hard to look on the inside. The absolute, implicit union we all aspire to find. Do we deserve it? Are we that elevated to find it? I don’t think we can find it until we become absolute by ourselves first.

Lesson: Pray, pray pray and then pray some more. There’s nothing you can do. This is another frontier rare achieve and/or deserve.


George & Amal. Now this is the union that gave me most hope in humanity & MENkind. Listen, I’m no dummy. I know George has a political aspirations that positively affected his choice. But then again, he is George Clooney. Everyone eats from George’s hand. It doesn’t hurt, but he could have done it with or without it.

It gives me hope that this man that dated his share of actresses, “actresses”, starlets, some questionable undefined professions, cocktail waitresses and so on, a man that swore off marriage changed his mind upon meeting his equal. It gives me hope some men are still looking for their equal regardless of time, age, circumstance, position in life. It gives me hope its possible, only if you wait and don’t disable yourself with some temporary pleasures.

George’s choice here is not just his choice, its a message. A movement! A time for women to stop being ornamental beings, but rather functional. Time for women to stop being man’s entertainment after a long day of work, but a human being; with wishes, aspirations, problems, careers, input! 

Lesson: Wait. And wait. And wait. Don’t get pressured by anyone, don’t get pressured by time. Wait. Don’t settle. Work on yourself. Tune out all the noise, frustrations, fears. Trust. Wait. Never settle.