I’ve been thinking heavily about silence this week. Or if you will, the lack of. I have securely came to the point of ticking like a bomb, needed to be diffused in about 3:40, like in the most suspense movies! But what I also finally figured out is that me, and no one else – is in charge of cutting those red and blue wires. Or is it red and green?

I’m a prototype of a social butterfly. I live my life to the fullest, no regrets or holdback, no society holds of any kind. I’m intense even to myself sometimes. Often, I need a rest from myself. AND if I can come to the point of almost bursting from all the noise around me, all the people, pointless conversations, all the chatter, information I don’t need; then I can’t even imagine the reaction of a normal folk!

We, humans, are designed to be social beings, to always strive for company or some posse around us, never wanting to be alone. But think about it, is being alone so bad from times to times? Whether we’re introversive or extroversive person, we are a generation with so much noise, so much information, never more mediocrity that right at this moment, with superficial shit coming out of everyone’s ears, so why are we so stubborn with constantly allowing it around us?

Everyone’s so big on energies that float around us. Agree, absolutely. But we also don’t realize just how much words, constant chatter, pointless conversations take from us!

Take me, for example. Last few weeks I think I wanted to off myself with how much noise I allowed around me. If I have few hours free in a day, I’ll go have coffee with someone. If a good friend is not free, I’ll just go with anyone. So I’ll listen to 2 hours of pointless LA banter about how one day he/she will be a movie star, Oscar is a lock, one day, for sure, millions are flowing, that CEO position is just waiting, international modeling career is just around the corner, any day now! Please just shoot me and lets end it all.

If I want to go on a hike, I’ll call someone to walk with me, not to walk alone, because you know, coyotes and whatnot! One can never be save in the wilderness of LA wildlife, slash, safari! Getting eaten during a leisure afternoon? Ummm, no.

If I want to go to the beach, omg I need to call someone to go with me, preferably someone that’s still hangover from last night or someone that will start day-drinking themselves stupid on the beach so that I can spend a 6 hours of my life I can never get back on pointless, dumb conversation that means nothing, that did not teach me anything or relaxed me in any possible way, but just the opposite.

Why do we do this to ourselves, people? Is it so bad to go have coffee alone from time to time, sit on your computer, do some work, observe people around you, listen to vibes and examine energies? Is it bad to go have an hour of hike alone, enjoying the silence & smell of nature, listen to your own music, meditate, zone out, recharge? Is it bad to go alone to the beach from time to time, to not be jumping up and down all the time but just maybe to lay down, put on some sunscreen, bring that book you’re planning to read for months now, and just listen to the Ocean move alongside your thoughts?

And that is exactly what I did this week! I turned my phone off and I did stuff BY MYSELF. I went for coffee’s, food, hikes, beach by myself, and it was like a rebirth, #thankyouverymuch. What was i thinking all this time?!

In this world today, the only way to survive all the noise that take from you – is to counter it with some alone time, silence, your own thoughts, peace, so that you can handle all bunch of lame crap surely coming your way in the following week!

Do me a favour, try this! Do 3 things alone, that you’d normally do with friends! While you’re at it, don’t trip that you are alone, just concentrate on the world around you. Recharge! And tell me that the next time you happen to DO go out with people – isn’t going to be the best time you spent in a while! Why? Because after some silence and alone time; we can handle, receive, take and actually hear so much more.

I dare you.


PS: Tell me your findings in the comments!