Once in a blue moon just everything falls into a place, and there befalls a human being, walking in it’s excellence, like it’s the most normal occurrence.

Snoh Aalegra. I think I died a little when I heard that name for the first time, there’s a lot of it in a name, I’m convinced.  Swedish. Singer. Songwriter. Might as well be God.

I’m particularly unimpressed with beautiful women these days. Maybe it’s because I live in Hollywood. Somehow I feel it’s not just Hollywood anymore. Most of them now days don’t strive to be anything more than beautiful. Someone will come along. See them. Take them. Make them.

But being beautiful and also trying to be something more, and actually being more, actually succeeding, while being completely unfazed with the physical aspects of one self, now I can barely handle that!

Snoh. To have this face, that attitude, that badass style AND that voice, I don’t think I can survive this woman. Utterly utterly amazed with the talent she possess and the package that she is; few times in a lifetime talent, with some serious superstar of the previous era vibe! Don’t you feel a bit of Prince, a bit of MJ in her?! Majestic!

Her new song Emotional – check it out and tell me you’re not in awe?

Check out more about Snoh Aalegra, listen to her Soundcloud, or follow her off the hook Instagram @snohofficial!

Miranda Vidak
Miranda Vidak

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