I don’t know how I missed this, but I just stumbled upon a Kanye’s interview from last year, with one particular sentence catching me:

The point of life is getting shit done.

The point of life is – GETTING SHIT DONE.

Insert here all the crap you’ll say about Kanye, let me help you, here _________, _________, _________, ok? Got it all out? Feel better? Good. Lets move on. I know what you’ll say. He’s a freak. An idiot. Who can call himself God? But I’ll tell you this, you did not think all those things you think now prior his marriage. Being just Kanye, on his own, it went with his persona, combined with his mindblowing music & lyrics that bring you back from dead. When he entered that union, everything changed. Her, for the best; him; combined with that union, the same exact sentences sound different. I agree.

Kanye is not agreeable with the world. And why should he be? How can you be agreeable with the world today? You can’t be submissive and have the “live, laugh, love” platitude be your personal mantra through life, if you have half a brain. There are things that are wrong. And saying things are wrong in today’s world will get you labeled rude and aggressive, even though the people that are labelling you as such – ARE rude and aggressive, for demanding you be agreeable motherfucker, and letting them exercise their ego and frustration on you. You need a second to re-read that last sentence? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

That’s exactly why I appreciate him. In this fake world we live in right now, he’s not afraid to be hated, to say the first thing that comes to his mindblowingly creative mind, he’s not afraid to punch a paparazzi knowing he’ll lash out $200,000 in damages, just to prove the point of media’s impertinence. It’s refreshing. And much needed to counter all the unbearable fakeness floating among us.

But enough about Kanye. I can talk about him until the cows go home. The sentence. The point of life is getting shit done. Sound’s so simple, almost retarded? BUT think about it. THAT IS the sole point of life.

Bad relationship? Why are you still in it?! Because you’re not getting that shit done! You stay unhappy, depressed, unsatisfied? You didn’t get it done!

You hate where you live, yet you’re still there, not trying, not finding the way? You want to move? You didn’t get that shit done!

You want to study, or change schools, you want to be something else, do that work, finish that book, do that art, finishing that exam, start that blog, text that guy, ask that girl out, you want to make amends with a friend or parent you don’t talk to for some reason, you want to get to that doctor, make time to take care of your body, health, wishes, dreams, lust, love; and all the happiness of the world is at your reach, if you can only do one single thing in life, and that is – GETTING THAT SHIT DONE.

And what’s preventing us to get the shit done is fear, uncertainty, laziness. And most of all that tricky strive for executing the shit being done perfectly. Realising we might not be able to do it perfectly; we often abort the whole mission and fail getting the shit done.

All while mediocre people get it done. Why? Because they do not worry themselves with perfection, integrity; they just get shit done. And I say it from experience, its better to get shit just done, then to wait for stars to perfectly align and never getting it done!

Getting things done in all-right way is better that aiming to get it done perfectly, and never actually do it.

Because when the line is drawn in life, what does actually matter at the end? Not what we wanted, planned, dreamt about, thought we deserve but never achieved. It all comes to – the shit we actually did.

Get that shit done.

Let’s. All.