You ever think about circumstances in life? The mighty opportunities? How things align for you? You know that time when you lay in bed or unwind in the shower thinking – “ Why this or that just doesn’t happen to me already?”. That famous time. Or better yet – infamous.

I’ll never forget that sentence from Forrest Gump you all probably know too well – “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get”; so haunting. And you know what, it’s fine. I never blamed people who got better chocolates than I. After all, I really do think the Universe is creating some kind of balance with the circumstance. The smarter, more capable are always going to have it tougher in life. They need to be slowed down. The clueless always have better circumstances and opportunities; they need all the help they can get.

You know those Live Laugh Love people? Everything is peachy life is great, I’m a butterfly floating through this easy breezy thing called life? Hey, they don’t particularly bug me. But what bugs me is their attitude toward the ones with worst circumstances.

They stumble upon life, they stumble upon great people, great job by accident: “Hey I was just walking one day and this woman comes and I trip in front of her and she says, o honey I need someone just like you!”. Everything they do, they just stumble upon. “Hey, I was just lucky, I didn’t really go to college, nor I know anything about anything, but I do Live Laugh Love! I have this great guy I just stumbled upon on my way to Zombieland, and life is great, let me post my shoes and bags and things on my Instagram, let me shoot my face and write #me and #selfie underneath, in case if someone confuses it with the picture of landscape! Let me just live laugh and love, and all you other you’s please do not approach me unless you only have Life, Laugh and Love dripping out of your mouth!

Never let the LLL people throw you off your horse. We live in a dumbed down society where everyone with the brain, thought, opinion, struggle is considered annoying and too much. People have no span to listen, to communicate, to have a discussion, to confront and handle directness. Never let people put you down or frustrate you because you dared to say your circumstances are shit and you need to work 56 times harder for things that most people just stumble upon! Because they would not last 72 seconds with your circumstances.

Jared Leto once said, there’s no luck. There’s just the matter of when something will happen. No luck. But time. That comforts me. In a same time, the time is something that defeats most people. Everything comes down to how much time do we have, how much time can we handle to wait out for that something we want?

Circumstances are everything in life. Where the path or Universe takes you, its what describes your life; it is your capabilities too yes, but really, it all comes down to circumstance. With what you are and what you can do, imagine all that if the Universe put you in the best city in the world, allowed you to meet the top tier of people you strive for knowing, imagine if it placed you next to that guy or girl that could be great for you, instead you’re dealing with morons on daily basis?

After all, everything is a chance, but how lucky are you in that chance? We said we’ll not rely on luck, fine. Time? Not this time. How many people are placed somewhere you want to be, but they don’t even realize how fortunate they are? And if they don’t realize it, are they fortunate then? After all, it’s all in the aware.

I had a hit twice with people, guys, in my life whereas the circumstance put me right where it should, and it changed my life. The rest of the times, it was pretty much a hit & miss. I learn about some people sometimes, they get under my radar somehow and I think, what if the circumstance put me in their life, in they path, how would my life turned out? How would they turn out? In that crucial times when they were 16 and 20, living on another continent, what if I was there? I see them, I hear, I pay attention to what they’re all about and I wonder how would my life be if I had them in my life?

I was always amazed with those agreeable people, or joiners as Hank Moody would call them. They get born in a place they love, they belong, it just comes naturally, they meet few people, find someone that annoys them the least, they agree. They join. Sometimes they turn into those Live Laugh Love people.

And sometimes I wonder how easy my life would be if I am a joiner. Instead, I want what I want, and it might not be where I am, rarely is; I see it, I know it, and I take pleasure knowing it exists.

At the risk or sounding non-feminist; if you read my blogs you know I’m exactly the opposite; telling women they should stand their own ground, not take any crap is my mini-mission in life; but I must gravely disappoint in this one little detail. I do believe woman should be content with herself, not depend on any man. But I disagree with the fact we shouldn’t get defined by anyone. I can not be what I am on my own. I need to be defined by my choice in people I want in my life, and the ones I don’t. Our taste in people IS what defines us. Whether it’s friend I want to consume myself with or guy I want to be with; who I strive for is who I am.

If only the circumstances would allow it!