I have to admit I wasn’t really a first passenger to hop on this whole Cara Delevingne ship. No specific reason in tow, other than the fact I needed a bit more than two bushy eyebrows to seal the deal. Or maybe it was the constant comparisons fashion world threw at her; Cara is the new Moss, Cara is the new Moss; it was just too much. To obvious. Unnecessary. The premise of “the new someone” always irritated me; why would you ever want to be someone else? Why do we need new someone? Originality is way too understated nowadays.

Then I started to figure out maybe all the hoopla around her has nothing to do with her; she always just seemed way too unfazed with all the Tumblr meme’s and the buzz. The choice of clothes was also another thing; not so much the actual pieces she was wearing, but the overall feel I got from looking at her. Lots of casuals. Lots of sneakers. Sweats. Leather. Hardware. Boots. Ripped tights with huge sweaters. Timbs. Unfazed with being polished. Or looking pretty.

Every cool girl is a half boy – a line that moved into a platitude folder due to Instagram oversharing; I hate to use it, but it’ll have to do. Because it’s still the best way to illustrate the occurrence. Clothing shows a state of mind. Character. Personality. Imagination. And boyish sense with comfort and character in mind; unlike than those with aggressively curled hair, squeezed into a bandage dress with some expensive heels on; shows an unfussy quality, intelligence, creativity.

And I finally gathered the essence of Cara. Which was sealed with her recent interview promoting her movie Paper Towns with Good Morning Sacramento. She got blasted all over the web for being entitled, rude. If you didn’t see it, check it out, bellow. You MUST. I think I peed my pants a little watching her face and responses.

I miss that, today. I miss realness in general, but I mostly miss it in Hollywood. It came down to everyone being so careful of having an opinion, a stand, only trying to be as plain and as Switzerland as possible to appeal to everyone and anyone. God forbid you say something controversial you believe in and lose some followers, stir some waters? I miss Hollywood stars of 80’s, 90’s when they were flawed, troubled. With great talent and intelligence comes emotional grief; you can’t see the world around you clearly, realistically and not get bothered.

Everyone’s so perfect now. They don’t speak out of place, they don’t react out of place, mortified of pissing someone off, burning some bridge, jeopardizing some possible opportunity. Personality became secondary, what you achieve being an empty placeholder; well that matters. It bores me to death. I think I literally just might die one day observing someone’s boring existence with no stand, no opinion, no flair.

Sarcasm, personality, bluntness, honesty, it became so rare today, it’s mistaken with being rude. Specially with women. If you’re not a subordinate pretty little thing, always agreeable and ready to accept any vile, invasive thing coming your way, you are RUDE. If someone is advancing you aggressively and you dare to say you don’t appreciate it, you are RUDE. If someone comes to your personal space, whether it’s a physical one or an online one, and you won’t have it, you are called RUDE. It’s like your existence is happening to please anyone’s sick idea of what they imagined you should represent to them at any given moment!

That’s why Cara is golden, nowadays. Being a model that’s at the docks of successful break into acting, one would say she should be agreeable, indulging, happy to be there, having the opportunity? Be like the most actresses, bland, non-opinionated by default, mortified of being herself and having a stand? Exist only to fill the magazines, the social feeds, the chair of a morning interview?

Misspelling a person you’re interviewing’s name (great prep), asking an actress if she read the book which the movie she plays a lead in is based on (no comment); advising her to take a nap & a redbull (mindblowing)? Instead, Cara refuses to be a placeholder, a news filler; she refuses to take idiotic sexist questions, and REACTS. And in the words of John Green, the author of the book in question – “and that’s precisely why she’s so fucking interesting!”

Honestly, I have only one question in mind. Can someone please introduce this chick to Kristen Stewart?

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If you like my work and want to support it, buy me a cup of coffee! For more of my content, check out my publication on Medium and personal stories on Substack.

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