Happy almost finished summer, sinners! Is it me, or was this one awesome damn summer?! I don’t even mean in terms of having the best vacation ever, I just feel everyone I know did exactly what they were destined to do! Whether it was riding the waves of some exotic location, or staying put, there was simply some clarity in this summer! Heck, even The Aniston got married, and you don’t fuck with The Aniston.

I had a great summer! I mean, I feel like a bit of a cheater talking about summers, hell, I live in California, when is it not summer? Ah yes, those 26 days in January, right. Excuse me.

Even though my summer was eye opening & pleasurable, I feel a bit terrible. I’ve been a shit poster recently! Poster, as in the one who posts. Does that word exist? If not, I just welcomed it to the world. It’s a much needed word, and I’m sure I will be using it again. Back to me being a shitty poster. I feel positively terrible for not writing more often; I do get all your emails and I do appreciate them all, happy you guys like this little space of mine. I even like those passive aggressive ones ordering me to write, or to write more, or giving me subjects on what to write! They brighten up my day, truly.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you a tale of thousand excuses, I’ll be honest. I just couldn’t write sensibly! My life has turned into a whirlwind this last 3-4 weeks, and I was just too overwhelmed! This blog is a space I created to inspire people (and myself in the process), but I’m a person that doesn’t just sit and type up the post! I need to live what I write. I get consumed in every subject, like an actor that gets ready to perform; I need to literally be “in the character”, or in my case in the subject, for days, to get it out of me the way I want it to be. I’d like to think that’s the reason many of you love my blog, because I live what I write and because I’m honest with you. Relating to each other is the only thing that can make us survive this thing called life we’re all trying to pull here.

This summer, it’s not that I didn’t have subjects I wanted to share with you, its exactly opposite! Two HUGE occasions happened in my life this August; one is private, one is professional, and I wasn’t at the liberty to share any of it publicly at that moment! I still can’t talk about it in detail, but I wanted to share with you what these two things taught me; I want to transfer it to you before the Fall swallows you up, before you run away into future experiences, before you start adding + subtracting your summer, maybe feeling bad about some things you didn’t do, or some places you didn’t visit, or men that made you feel less than you deserve.

I want to tell you that sometimes you don’t need to run to do things, see things, get things, meet people; sometimes you just have to sit, think, stay, persevere. And let what you need find you!

My summer started a bit shaky. I was suppose to go back home finally, enjoy summer in Europe; I wanted to see my family, and the person that is my family in a ways that even my own is not; I had it all planned! My posse coming with me, friends from all around the world, different continents, that were suppose to meet me at that one spot I call my birthplace. And then I got a job proposition, that happened exactly specific days, out of all year, when I was about to leave! I was angry, because I really needed to see some people, I needed a break from the machinery that is Los Angeles, I just needed. But the opportunity that I got, it was way too huge to take the risk, and not be back in time. I cancelled my trip, I stayed, I endured.

Few years back, I would never do that. I would never sacrifice anything for something bigger, I would think I can manage both, I’d try to run and trip all over my feet trying to be everywhere at the same time, and usually I would lose at the end. This year I finally grew up and decided to suffer for greater goal! As I decided that; the things & people I needed came to me! LITERALLY. See, people underestimate patience. People who never do or achieve anything in life are those who want things right now, next week, next month. Do you even realize people that made something, people that managed to see their dream in reality are the ones that waited 5, 7, 10 years to get there? It’s not a year or two, it’s decades of work, aligning, moment, preparation. I deliberately excluded luck. You can beat luck if you persevere. Time & perseverance beats luck. Put money on it.

A year ago I had a conversation with a friend; told her that with having my brand I also wanted to spread my wings (and skills) and be involved in things that mean something more than just making clothes. I wanted to be involved with a company that creates pop culture, social trends, commentary, dreams through clothes. I just blurted out: “I really wanted to work as ______, to do _______, for ________. I’ve done some research (I’m a master researcher, no one can beat me in that department, it’s borderline mental), and I just came up with this job that no one even thought can be a job, it was just so random, it could not even be defined. She asked me if I wanted to contact that person/company, and I said – “I can’t even verbalize it, how can I ask for it”? So I said, no, and decided to put the idea to the vault, have it stand by, until it makes sense. Makes sense to the Universe, to me it made sense right then & there.

And then life swallowed me a bit. But year and something later, this famous August, due to a mindblowing set of circumstances that not even Woody can put down on a paper; I get offered exactly the thing I imagined that day, chatting with my friend, a year and something ago. Something I could not even verbalize at that point, it just got defined for me, and fell in my lap.

Setting things in motion. Patience. Seeing something so clear you can almost feel it, touch it; think about it every day, be on a mission, be crazy, let people laugh at you, sacrifice your summers, your relationships even if people don’t get your mission, and wait. Just wait.

It’s in – not waiting – that we fail. The dream is at the end of the line, but we sacrifice coming to it by being distracted with temporary pleasures.


Let the pleasures be your reward when you achieve your dream, not prevent you from it! Sometimes you need not to be in motion, but stand still, in one place, however harsh that place might be sometimes; stand & wait for your dream to find you.


Miranda Vidak
Miranda Vidak

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