Happy Fall people! Fall is not that bad, lemme tell you that right from the top! Summer should be all great and magical and awesome and with hot starry nights with your heart skipping an’ all, but let me tell you; everyone’s all over the fucking place in summertime. Annoying, hello! I don’t like all my minions being all over the place. I don’t like to think about where I should go to see everyone, gather everyone, sorry, but I like my people piled up. On a pile! On a pile I tell you.

I like to know they are all at one place, where I can see ‘em. Trying to combine everyone, it gives me an anxiety. Therefore, Fall is comforting! Everyone’s coming back on the pile! Fall is great. You know where everyone is, so you can control their lives like you’re supposed to, and all is right in the world again.

I’m still in the throws with that project of mine, I don’t eat (losing weight, #winning!), breathe (maybe few breaths here & there) or sleep (literally), and now on top of everything I was dealing with, I had to make a website in a week. A weeeeek. I love doing a month job in a week! So I’m currently a zombie, and you are not even reading this because I’m sleepwalking right now, and this is actually not even being written.

Honestly, I’m delusional from the amount of work I have piled up these last few weeks, but I do feel bad reading your emails where you always, always ask me if I can write more often; now it’s 4:22 am where I live, I took a 10 min (optimist!) break from another 3 hours of web work I need to complete tonight, so unlike usually, I will be super quick with this post and not as detailed! But I want you to read it before your weekend!

I heard this quote in some show I watched few weeks back –

Love is patient and kind, it’s not jealous or conceited or proud. Love is not ill-mattered or selfish or irritable. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth!

Love is patient. And kind. And not conceited or proud.

All I hear recently around me is people fighting with their significant others, boyfriends, girlfriends, all I hear is people being frustrated left and right, all I hear is them finding excuses for the shit people they are with are giving them; honestly its all constant grief, fighting, pushing something that’s not going; I feel like the whole world mistook love for issues and fighting. Is anyone just happy anymore?! If we fight, means we love each other, right? Emotions are suppose to be wild, mean, all over the place, right?

Guys, love is kind. Patient. Not conceited or proud.

And the craziness you live, it’s someone’s ego, not love. Why are we addicted to something bad around us? Better bad then nothing, right? But why would something bad be better than nothing? Nothing is great! Nothing is a calm heart, lots of time to achieve things, not looking at your phone, finding yourself, enjoying life that ego, issues and “love” prevent you from.

Your life is what it is. And if you find someone that can keep it the same or make it better, take it! Take it right away. But why are you taking someone that makes your life worse than it was or would be without that person? You can make your life shitty all on your own. Why would you appoint someone’s help in making it worse?

Love is not fighting, ego, jealousy, blood, tears & craziness. Love is kind. Imprint those words in your brain.

And it’s not just the person with you that’s bad and gives you grief. You are that way too! You give grief too. I was that way too! Only recently, last year or so I understood a real definition of love. And it’s meaning. I was with the person, and we had great life, great love, but also issues in lifestyle. I had to leave him because I though I will positively lose my mind. Only when I left him, I understood the real meaning of love. The fighting disappeared, the issues disappeared, when I moved myself away from him, only then, from a distance, when my heart calmed down, I could accept the things that bothered me, accept him the way he is. I hurt him, he hurt me but we achieved such mindblowing kindness towards each other, no matter what, no matter where; no matter what he does, no matter what I do, we always find the way to understand. I can not get mad at that man if i friggin try! We laugh, we share, we accept, we are kind.

Forgive. Forget. Accept.

Because love is not irritable, crazy, love is KIND.

Find the kind in you, in him, in her, or leave.

Find your kind!