Is it that I just didn’t write about any memorable films/tv-shows in a while, or I didn’t watch anything that moved me in any significant way, for the longest time? Can’t recall. Which adequately answers my question. Nothing to write home about.

And then Jessica Jones happened. Do you experience the moment of some movie, show, a piece of design or art haunting you and haunting you, demanding you see it, consume it? It’s like stalking you, as it just needs to be seen, needs to be installed in you, just at the right time. Exactly when you need to learn something?

It happens to me all the time.

Jessica Jones, a new Original Netflix Marvel series was haunting me days after days – “see me, click me, seeeee me!” I was trying not to, my life is in overload these days; starting a new series takes a piece of me; I don’t do moderation. Everything I do has to be extensive.

But the graphics were so beautifully done; it’s those graphics that have swallowed me in. Given Marvel always has great graphics, but this was more. This was so fitting, you know one of those rare moments when everything just falls right where it’s suppose to? It was just that. And the face of Krysten Ritter, that face, I gave in.

This must be how boys feel when they watch about 98% of entertainment made for them. Absolutely blown away with it. The plot is just ….. epic. A real, trash talking female hero, flawed, vulnerable, complex, relatable; non apologetic. Jessica is a superhero that we don’t usually see on-screen; the show takes on sexism, struggles being a woman in a digital society; she has depth usually reserved for male characters and superheros.

The show is deeply feminist. Its depiction of sex is liberating, and most importantly realistic for today’s times. Its also extremely empowering for the women. We can have sex, only sex, we can initiate it, we can stop it. And the most important thing, the villain of Jessica Jones is, not who, but what; a male entitlement!

The chemistry between Luke Cage and Jessica is something else. Palpable. Lust, and lust and lust that transforms into something more, a novelty from what’s usually on the screen menu. Longing looks, love and hearts flowing from everyone’s ears, a sight of one elbow, maybe an inch or a butt, great thank you, they consumed their love, and then when there’s suppose to be a climax (not theirs, but ours; the viewer’s), bang, done, lets roll the credits.


Jessica Jones avoids all signs of usual lame heroine crap, she shows how the female characters, too, can be developed with depth & much needed complexity.

Jessica Jones gave me chills. I repeat; this must be how men feel all the time, watching most of the television. Let them have it. I have Jessica.

A must must must see. Watch for Dr. Who’s mindblowingly talented David Tennant as Kilgrave (those frigging Brit actors, are they even human?!), and watch watch watch for hotness that is Luke Cage and the vibe he has with her.

Love how they reversed the romance here. You see someone. You meet them. You don’t give a crap or you don’t want to give a crap. Then you have great hard ass sex. And more sex. And it’s great. And it’s the little things. Then you start caring. And then it’s the things. And then it becomes a thing.

Love that order. Trying not to care to end up caring. Isn’t that an epitome of romance? Jessica is everything.

Watch. Steal. Share. Indulge. Thoughts?

I know.