I read this thing somewhere the other day –

   1920: May I have this dance?

         1950: Want to go to the drive in?

         1994: Let’s do Macarena! (I’ll plead the fifth on this one)

         2015: Here’s my dick pic.   

A little more while ago I read this thing –

   1995: I made you this mix tape.

         2005: I made you this mix CD.

         2015: Here’s a pic of my dick.   

You get the theme. I’m sure most of you lived it.

I also remembered the article I read few weeks back on The Guardian, by Alana Massey, about society, us, experiencing some of the most laid back attitudes toward sex, in history. Never ever the time existed such as present, where women were as cool about casual sex, as men. The only problem; as women experienced the revolution of having a celebratory attitude towards sex as in something both good & no big deal; the men experienced the an anti-revolution of never being worse in bed. Around bed. In attempts to get to bed.

Listening to stories around me, and obsessing over a hilarity of instagram profiles such as @tindernightmares, or @holdmetinderholdmeclose where women document the lameness of men trying to get them to bed with the skill of a retarded armadillo, I just can not understand what happened here. When you read these women’s responses; they are smart, witty, sharp. The responses of men; it’s like an adult woman is talking to 11 year old slightly challenged child.

They are uninteresting, lame, they laugh at their own non-existing joke attempts, they get angry of you refuse them, or they absolutely all have the same fumingly annoying response: “I was just joking, you are so uptight!”.

What these assholes are failing to see, women have plenty of sex. Just not with them.

My absolute winner of these text-attempt-sex convos is this combination –

   – Hi how are you?

        – Good and you?

        – (Sends dick pick)

        – Jesus. Why would you send me that?

        – Im sorry to offend you.

        – What kind of reaction do you expect a picture of your dick to get?

        – Something like “nice cock” I guess…   

(via @holdmetinderholdmeclose)

I want to know about these people. I want to know how this happened. I want to know who raised them, I want to know what they had for lunch growing up, what television did they watch, what was the conversations they had at dinner table, how did they decorate their room? How do you become this, how do you raise this, how does it happen? What makes you so desperate in wanting a woman you don’t know see your penis and give you her analysis? Help me here.

Do you think I sender of a dick pic is going to be great in bed?

I’ve been blessed with great sex in my life, with super small exception of few unsatisfactory people. I take that back; I’ve been blessed with great intelligence to know/see/feel/pay attention to world around me. Like everything else in life, having good sex depends on us. Let me rephrase that: not having bad sex depends on us. Seeing the patterns in behaviors, seeing the actions of men, their words, movement; that all tells you a lot. If you respond to these assholes, if you deal or even talk to these assholes, then it’s on you.

I say it again, do you think a dick sender will be great in bed?

All those loud, pathetic ones, the ones that talk too much, do you think they will rock your world? You need to first of all get off line, you need to pay attention to the ones that are cool, chill; clearly you figured out by now that ego and loudness equals nothing, and stillness and confidence equals something.

The times are terrible. These assholes need to be locked up for insulting the universe on daily basis, yes. But it’s up to you to see it, to not want it, to avoid it, to be brutal towards anyone approaching you this way, to remove that lame, pathetic thirsty energy away from you. Try it. And then pay attention. Look! Listen.

Girls always ask me, well what is a good line, movement, how do you know who’s worth the time; and who will turn out to be lame? This is what’s good and worth of time – men who don’t care too much about social media, even if they have it. You don’t want someone that is pressing those harts 30 times a day. No. Ego, you can see it right away. No. Pay attention to how he talks, walks, moves. He needs to be nothing about sex, until you have sex. Only then he needs to be all about it. The talkers, dick senders, no. I go that far to erase people from my life who even send me shirtless photo. Any body related photo is a no-no. You want to concentrate on someone talking to you about everything else but sex, flirtation is about the mind, sexual stuff come later. Not before.

Pay attention. Look around you. Times are terrible, but we can refuse the times, not accept, settle, convince ourselves it’s how it is. Demand great sex in your life, the one that is enjoyable for both you AND him. Don’t serve as a gateway for these assholes to feel better about their silly lives.

It crushes me to see all these capable, successful, hot women subject themselves to this borderline abuse and non-pleasure, thinking there’s nothing better. There is, you only need to see it, recognize it. Only then you can see and seek the opposite.

You can do it. Fuck ’em! (meaning please don’t fuck ’em).