Hello, hello. We survived! We entered the 2016. I feel like I just went through a small crack in the wall, with victorious – “I made it!”, shrieking through my teeth. The ending of last year, the beginning of the new one; it can positively be the most eye opening time of the year, just; that entering part….ahem. Everyone stresses about it way too much. “The way I spent the New Year Eve is how my whole year is going to be”………”What are my resolutions?”……..

No. Just no.

Stop it. It’s doesn’t matter how you entered the new year, the important part is = you entered. No one gives a fuck about your resolutions, and you of all people, give the least fuck of all non giving any fucks people, about your resolutions. 

So let’s get real and change our mind set. We are in control of our following year, our time, our feelings, our accomplishments (or lack of thereof). Let’s collectively refuse to set ourselves for failure by focusing on resolutions, rather, let’s REFRESH ourselves in 2016.! Let’s shake off everything that bothered us in 2015., and refresh who we are, what we do, how we think, who we love, hate how we perceive things.

You are a collection of thoughts, actions, feelings. Let’s say you’re a website! Now, redesign yourself, rebrand yourself, remove the old files, insert the new ones. The time passes, and he only true success in life is improving yourself with time. Listen to the change, and move with it! Don’t be a flatline that never evolves. You are not on this planet to occupy space and use air; you are here to figure shit out and grow.

I compiled a list of things that I feel need to be changed, refreshed in this year! 2015 was a great year; hold on a second before you dig my eyes out; not saying it wasn’t hard, but it was the greatest lesson year so far, did it not? Didn’t you learn life changing things in 2015., the ones that made you who you are now, the YOU that actually you, yourself like?

We are on a great path, I tell you. 2015. made sense. I feel like everyone got what they needed, good or bad. It laid it out perfectly. Now let’s close the deal! Whatever good happened to bad people, or bad to good people; it was a part of bigger picture that made, or soon will make sense. Trust. Have some confidence.

In the mean time, what’s our list of things we’ll try to do in 2016.? And what needs to stop existing pronto? Here –


Start telling the truth. Hard core, unapologetic truth. I nor have time or energy for lies. Nor anyone arounds me deserves me wrapping the truth in pretty, pink lie. Why? So they can feel better? You’re not helping anyone that way. We live in a mega deceptive world already, and I for one refuse to lie and expand it more. Of course you will not tell your boss to go fuck himself and destroy your life, but start telling the truth where it needs to be told. If a guy asks me to go out and I say no, and he asks me – “Why? Are you with someone?”, the easy way would be to say – “Yes, I don’t wan’t to go out with you because I’m already seeing someone.”…..and all is peachy and cute in the world?

I’m not put on this planet to make it peachy & cute, or stroke someone’s ego; I’m here to make a difference, change the game, and yes, try to change the world where I can. What I will say is the brutal truth  “No, I just don’t want to go out with you, no reason, just not interested.” He will leave the space hating me, yes, but is your need to be liked so grand you’ll use your energy to lie to some dickwad stranger? You know that old one – be hated for who you are, not liked for who you’re not. I’m so not afraid to be hated, or not-liked, its borderline scary. If my honesty will make you not like me, than thank your for disqualifying yourself from my space in a spiffy and saving my time.


Did you notice how people are getting more and more unorganized, slow, unconcentrated, unprofessional? So when you’re talking to people and you have to repeat stuff 76 times, or you need to remind them something 47 times, or you need to break down the simplest things 23 times AND they have the tiny ball situation, a.k.a the audacity to call you rude, abrasive, aggressive?

REF– — USE to live in that universe. If you worked on yourself to be quick, smart, professional, organized; refuse to be shamed into being labeled rude when you expect similar productiveness from people around you! Instead of them reaching for greatness themselves; they spend their day drinking, doing nothing and becoming more and more loopy; WHILE blaming others for their incompetence? Refuse that shit. They need to drop that drink, get it together, arrive at your level; not other way around.


Alcohol is great, don’t get me wrong. If you know how to drink, if the drink makes you more fun, chatty, cute, sexy, adorable; I love you. But, is it just me, or is there so many people around who can not drink? The ones who drink not to go out and have some fun, but to numb themselves from whatever issues they have, only achieving the complete opposite effect? The ones that drink themselves dumb, retarded, aggressive; with no regard as to how annoying they are for the company around them? I don’t know about you, but that’s the biggest part of my 2016 refresh, remove those from my proximity. Life’s too short to spend it in, not even your own, but someone else’s haze, having a pointless conversations with a brain of a 2 year old child, in a grown person’s body. Let’s pass.


We don’t have 40 hours in a day to refresh so many details wrong with men today, but let’s start small. Stop tolerating retarded text messaging. If their primal stone age way of approaching women annoys you, don’t be quiet and let them give you the classics – I was just kidding / I sent it to you by mistake / Relax, chill, why are you uptight – trio, tell them they’re dumbasses. A woman’s reaction to these situations is an essential in flushing out this idiot behaviour. If they feel entitled to text you unintelligent shit with poor grammar that wouldn’t seduce the cartoon character; it gives you the perfect ammunition to put them in a place. Say it.


Mayor refresh. Cut everything. Make everything smaller. And I say this to you and to myself, remove shit. We don’t need Facebook profile, Facebook group, Facebook group for that other thing we might start one day in 2037; private Twitter, business Twitter, Instagram for us, our cat, our chair and little sister; 12 Pinterests; Google Plus, 16 Youtube Channels because we can’t friggin figure out how to attach the right one to this Google Plus monstrosity; let’s just stop.

If you have a business that needs all the social profiles and those help grow your business, by all means. Do it. But you, as an individual? Do we really need all that shit? Trying to come up with 16 different types of content daily, comparing ourselves with other shit we see that only kills our own creativity and individuality? I was super impressed with the story of 19 year old Essena O’Neill, a famous Instagram kid that had 500,000 followers, made tons of money and just decided one day to kill it all. Remove all social media. Disapear, and instead concentrate of creative, life changing stuff. Read that story, I promise you, it’s mindblowing, for someone that young. 


I read an interesting article the other day about Alexander Skarsgard and Alexa Chung, a famous couple that had a candid photo of them released few days ago, ringing the New Year in Miami. The comments, people being surprised they are still together – “But there’s no pictures of him on her social media”, someone says. The article drew some very thought provoking points. About individuality. And how there’s a shift that appeared in social media. Posting about lifestyle, your work, projects is what it’s all about. Posting about your private life, not. Plastering your boyfriend or girlfriend on your profile, a sure sign something is not right in the relationship. Keeping it away? Way to go.

People always ask me why I don’t post anything about boys. Because I was in a very public relationship for almost a decade and because I got really tired of people knowing about my private life. That only allowed them to feel invited to an opinion, a comment. No thank you. Other than that, it completely killed my individuality. I want people to know me, my life and my work, and not who I sleep with. I think it’s empowering for women to put forward their work, projects, business, lifestyle; and create the public profile based on their own individuality and achievements.


And lastly, my 2016 refresh? Helping people. It’s good to help. Relating and helping, two most important things in life. What it all comes to, at the end. I help everyone that crosses my path to the point of actually ruining myself in the process. And that’s what I figured out in 2015. Help, but not everyone. Think hard who to help, and think why are you helping. Don’t just do it, think about what comes after. I don’t just help, like give someone a phone number or connect them to somewhere or someone, which takes 2 minutes of your time. I create the whole logistics of what needs to be done, I create the situation that did not exist prior, in order to birth the circumstance. That takes time, it takes energy that you don’t use for helping yourself. I know this one is controversial, but I bet ya, think who you’re helping. They have you, but you only have you. And if you’re over there, creating a circumstance for someone else, you’re not here, creating it for yourself. And out of 10 people you do help, probably 2 really actually deserve it. In 2016., I plan to find the right two.

This year, I bet you anything you want; if you’re smart, calm, together with yourself, ready and confident in what you’re doing – this year is your bitch.

Let’s kick it!

Miranda Vidak
Miranda Vidak

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