Happy Monday! How dare I write or post anything on Monday, don’t I know it’s shitty day everyone’s trying to slide through? I know. Utter shame. But you know, fuck it. Why lose a day? Its all our perspective anyways. Everything is the way we chose. Who decided Monday is the enemy? Fuck ‘em.

I decided, I don’t want to lose a day, just because it has a bad rep. I barely sleep to do more, live more; now I’m going to sacrifice a day? Nah! After all, it’s a second day of Spring today, there’s no more shitty or annoying days. Everything’s friggin magic from now on! Why? Because we made that decision! Repeat it after me. Everything will be magic from now on. Right on.

And the Spring being the capital of Situationships, a.k.a everything romance, love, sex, sex disguised in love, love disguised in sex (watch out for last two, as they are equally deadly), we need to go there. We need to touch up, as I got many of your emails last few weeks asking me when are we going to write more about relationships; as that is the planet’s #1 obsession, worry, overthinking, struggle, source of unhappiness, wonder, sometimes even happiness & content. Whatever it might be, it’s one thing that makes us alive, regardless of  the type of emo we’re dealing with at the moment.

A bit “scary” part, all the emails I got or the people I talk to face to face, mostly girls, even though it was few guys “complaining” last few weeks too, it’s always the same.

I don’t meet cool guys, people. Everyone’s shady. Everyone cheats. No one responds, calls, texts back. Everyone plays games.

Few months ago, same as now. No change. No movement. Welcome to the 21 century dating, right? Wrong. It is what it is, we just need to adjust, play better game, right? Wrong.

I find it very cute, the fact everyone always asks me about love, relationships. I really don’t know why, as I don’t particularly see myself as some kind of love guru or anything; maybe because people see i’m pretty fiery about every aspect of my life, but pretty chill with love part of my life, so they think I have it down. Figured out. You’ll hear me bitch about injustice, fate, karma, universe, job, money, job, job, job, success, people, annoying fucks; probably daily. But love/relationship? Rarely.

How come? Isn’t that the most important part of everyone’s lives? Maybe. I just never really complained much about love, I don’t dwell guys for to long if things don’t go the way I plan, i’m still friends with almost all my exes, i’m way too reasonable, I don’t really get jealous as I figured out early in my teens its not personal, and it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, it’s just something that happens, and one should always be what they are, as that is the surest way people are going to be interested in you. Never fucking compare. No one deserves it! Confidence is attractive. And I don’t love anyone more then myself. It took a while, but the destination is splendid.

I really don’t have any special secrets, only that I reached a level of emotional intelligence that allowed me to figure out the love equation as a pretty simple one. At least for me. I’m massively clear as to what I like. I see it before it enters my space, physically. Its that gigantic. I don’t try to explain to others or seek their validation in my choice; as I know, and they can’t. No one knows you that well to know what’s good for you. So never try to explain your choices or ask for validation. People’s opinions will just sidetrack you.

As we had couple of posts saying exactly this few months ago, hate to say it again, if you’re having loads of issues with people, men, still; few months later, few years later; it is your fault. No nicer way to say this, and I don’t talk nice, I talk truth, which I think its much nicer than nice. I think you’re great and I want to imprint this shit into your minds; who you allow around yourself, it’s how your life will be. If you see the faults of the people you’re fucking around with but choose to tolerate that shit, adjust yourself, not be yourself, play back the game and get burned or hurt in the process; you can’t complain. It’s your fault. Not theirs. You just can’t. It’s unintelligent.

If you’re aware of the crap, but you engage it, all you’ll get is crap. Month after month, year after year. Doing the same shit but expecting different results, isn’t that the dumbest thing?

Many of the girls I know do the same shit all over, but they expect a decent guy will turn up. Sorry, but the universe is not your bitch, it doesn’t work like that. I noticed, people are so effin afraid to let go, like that person is the last frigging dick on the planet, I mean, come on. It’s exactly THE OPPOSITE. By letting go of what’s not for you, you attract what is.

I left two people in my life that most women slit their wrist for, and both times people were puzzled. What is wrong with me? Nothing, I just know more than you, the outsider. I’m on the inside, I know what I had and what I need, I know what makes me tic, and I’m too smart to settle. Life is to fucking beautiful, naughty, splendid to settle. And I want it all, I want to choke in what I want. I want to get digested in what I want. And if I don’t get it, than that makes a statement, too. You ARE what you like.

Its just unreal how small some people’s minds are. They don’t live larger then life, they live small, they are worried about opinions of others on their romantic life, they are worried about age, time, what they HEARD is right, instead of what they FEEL is right. For christ sake, expand! Why you dipping few blocks around your house; get out of your zone, your circle, go to other places, parts of town you never go, call that stranger, travel if you have money, just buy a fucking ticket, go alone, you meet the most people when you’re alone, travel to the parts of world that you know nothing about; and if you can’t do that, then travel in your mind!

Watch movies, listen to songs, research people that catch your attention, research their lives, how they talk, what they do, how they live, find people you appreciate, try to figure yourself out, and what you really want out of life/love/relationship. See it in other people, and then try to find THAT. Mimic what you learned. Incorporate it in your life. Spread that energy. Seek that.

But most importantly – banish idiotic people from your life. Be brutal about what you like, and have nothing but what you like in your mind, or around you. Attract only that.

Honestly, I’m like a nazi towards people that are not what I seek. Lots of people hate me because I can be so dismissive, and I’m ok with that. I know they will go home hating me, and I still do it. If I hear one sentence uttered of stupid shit that taints my energy of what I seek, I disqualify them from my space in 4 seconds. Not doing the – “You’re as interesting as the traffic sign, I don’t like you, but stay there, chillax, fuck up my space…”. No. Remove. You need to remove the shit you don’t want completely. Clear your space. Rid it of dumbass energy.

Maybe you’ll find my methods extreme, but trust me that they give results. Just open your eyes, because the good ones are really easy to spot. There’s not many of them, truth. But they are around. Everything’s timing in life, and if you waste time with creeps you know are shitty, you miss your time frame. Of someone cool cruising around you that you don’t see because you’re obsessed with that message the creep is not responding to.

Leave the frigging phone, and get the fuck out. Look. Explore. SEE.

Please lets not repeat this in few months again! Next time you email me, I want to her how you fucked off the Loser Town inhabitants and met great, cool, chill men. Or better yet, you finally met someone you enjoy spending time more then anyone else. YOURSELF.

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If you like my work and want to support it, buy me a cup of coffee! For more of my content, check out my publication on Medium and personal stories on Substack.

connect with me:

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