Wild week people, wild week! We have some articles that were suppose to go out this week, but decided to postpone them for the following one, due to some technical issues we had. Nonetheless, you’ll have tons of new material to read in the following week; about some new movies we think you should see, about drawing inspiration from the most uncommon places, about differences between stardom and fandom, about the origins of eye-liner everyone loves so much and some breakup rules! Stay tuned.

And same as us having tech issues with our blog this week, the universe committed the biggest technical mistake of all times this week, and decided it’s Prince’s time to go. At 57. Healthy vegan goes at 57? But not the ones to speculate, let’s see what really went down in following days.

Let me state right from the top, I hate writing about celebrity deaths. Everyone’s expecting it, but really what is it to say? And when I mean celebrities, that can even fly, what I mean I really have nothing to say when LEGENDS die. What is it to say? In those aftermaths, everything just sounds like a platitude. Sometimes, really, the silence is the best statement. Best at showing what you mean. Best at tributing someone.

To say how much you love them, isn’t that given? We all know it. To talk about their achievements? We all know it. We are all aware what they’ve been, what they’re going to stay forever, due to their art being out in the world for eternity. We grew up with them. We experienced our first kisses, dates, dances, breakups with them. No one can take away those memories away from us, they are a part of it, weather they are physically walking this earth or not. So try not to be sad! We all need to go someday. It’s not like you had coffee with Prince every Sunday, his presence is going to be missed by his family & friends, you are lucky! You get to enjoy his art FOREVER.

So why am I doing this post then? Why am I saying something right after I said it’s pointless to say anything when someone larger then life goes? Why did I decided to switch my post schedule and squeeze this article in? Let’s get something straight. I don’t think I’m the voice of generation or something, (or the princess of counter-culture as someone called me, but I actually like that one. I’ll take it!), but I really do feel society is as fucked up as it can be right now, most of the time, and we need to be saying things. We shouldn’t be lethargic about shit that makes us worse kind of humans, we need to say something. And if 13 people receive what you say, then we changed a world in a tiny, tini better direction, even if its barely considered a change!

What made me say something is the yesterday’s Instagram post of one Kim Kardashian, posting a pic on stage with Prince, saying the regular someone just died tribute – “I will always remember this moment with one of my favorite artists”….yabba yabba yabba.

What’s wrong with it, you say? A half of planet posted a pic of Prince, saddened with the news of his death, you say? The ones that knew him posted the pic with him, what’s wrong with it, you say?


The picture Kim posted is from Prince’s 2011 Madison Square Garden Concert, where she went on stage, he told her to dance, she stood motionless and uninteresting self as she is, and then he told her – “GET OFF THE STAGE”. With the hand motion of pushing her off. After which he said – “Welcome to America”. There is so much significance in what he did, you are smart enough to conclude it yourself, without me laying it out for you.

You’ll probably get mad at me now, saying I’m ruining the essence of Prince by putting him into the same content with that thing Kardashian, but I really need to. That is the whole point. Legends go, and people like the kicked off Misus are staying on this planet. The shift in generation, the difference in society, what’s leaving and whats staying and more over the ones that are just becoming is downright scary to me.

To be completely fair, I know some great 20-something year olds and they give me hope. They are decent, nice, hardworking, specially few girls I had the pleasure of meeting & knowing for some time now, that are completely contrary to some of the jealous beasts of women I grew up with. They give me hope. But mostly I meet those who spit these kind of sentences out of their mouths – “I just want to be known for something, I mean I don’t want to work that much or do any real effort but I want to be known, I should have my own reality show, I’m so interesting, I want to have a youtube channel, but I really don’t want to bother with editing, what can I do that can just make me known, with not working too much…” AND SO ON. Daily.

The delusion, the lack of reality, the absence of logic and shame, with only one thing in mind – shameless, idiotic promotion of themselves. The fact that Kim’s logic and dignity seem to be surgically removed out of her brain on this one, and that you would post a moment that shames you in order to promote yourself next to Prince, I mean what is this? What is wrong with people today? Do we even have emotions like logic and shame available for us to use anymore? Do they exist? With her thousands other illogical shameless things she posts as achievements, with people that come to me telling me their plans of global takeover without having an ounce of talent, or at least interesting personality?

This was not just a small diss, get off the stage. There’s so much significance in his action. The sentence after the kick off – “WELCOME TO AMERICA”.

Do you realize this? Think. Dig deeper.

This guy was on it, without even having to deal with the likes of her in his surroundings. And that for me is a utter sadness in losing someone like this. Its pointless to say how much we all adored his music, his performances, his art. Is there a human being on the planet who didn’t? But what I’m even more saddened is losing this kind of personality! There are not many of these left, these so talented to the eternity and back, it gave them special kind of air around them, where they could do just about anything they wanted, and be pardoned with talent that can almost be felt with your hand, had you stood next to them!

Prince was always special in my eyes, because of just that. We can debate who was a better artist, Michael Jackson or Prince, and many would say MJ because of the iconography, global-ness, but Mike was insecure, scared of many things, he was ruled by opinions, masses, his father. He was troubled.

But there was just something so refreshing about Prince and his take no prisoners attitude, his self-assurance, his strut, his sharpness, his fuck-this personality, his coming in-blowing everyone’s mind-and getting the fuck out of there greatness, the sex appeal of all sex appeals all squeezed in that frail 5’2’’ body that exuded more sex then a group of 6’3’’ guys with six packs and whatnot. Prince ruled his craft, his words, his movement, his appeal.

In the times where people’s delusions about themselves make for script material, where they are driven with ego, money, status, without really being anything, I like to take a moment to see off this world a person who was an essence what they could never be; epic, talented, effortless, chill; to the very last moment. When asked about his plane emergency landing, at the Saturday soiree he appeared at, he cooly said – “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.”


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