People often ask me why I included food into my blog, given the articles I mostly write are of a – think pieces – kind; concentrating on our well being, mental & emotional. But see, that’s just it. I think the food we put in our bodies ARE concentrating on our mental well being. I can never stress enough how important food is for our bodies, as well as stress levels. People often mistake me for being 10 years younger than I actually am. Of course genes are the most important reason, my whole family has some serious rockstar genes, BUT I think food played the huge part in it, too.

See, what most people consider diet, and what they are trying to implement in their menus while trying to lose weight or start eating healthy; I eat that kind of food all my life. Since the day I was born. My family was never big on meat, but we were fish obsessed, and ate tons of it, prepared in every possible way; grilled, steamed, baked, in a stew. We ate mostly fish and loads of greens, lots of legumes and super light deserts I mostly skipped, because I can’t stand sugar. I never ate McDonalds, I never ate fast food (unless you count freshly prepped sandwiches you buy in a kiosk a fast food, which where I come from really isn’t).

I also never liked heavy foods, and I have a very sensitive stomach; light food was always a way to go for me, and often the only way I could go, unless I wanted to deal with 24/7 cramps. Therefore, asian food is my favorite kind. I always liked many flavors, many different tastes, all bunch of different things to try; as oppose to having a meal with a piece of meat and potato on a plate in front of you. When I had to spend 4 months in Texas, the food was so heavy for me, I looked for ways to find something lighter to eat. That’s where I discovered Tacos for the first time; loooong before I moved to California.

And that was like an awakening for me. I absolutely adore tacos. They have everything I like in a food. So many options for protein, sides and filling, and not a lot of carb, but a slight crunch in form of a tortilla.

Of course they are some lousy and some really great tacos. Not all tacos are great. Not all tacos are healthy. You need to dig. Gourmet Tacos are my weakness. Freshly prepared. Made from scratch, tortilla made of corn, preferably than the flour one. Fresh, organic side ingredients, freshly made sauces. Heavens!

When I was I New York last time, I had the enormous Taco craving one day. Tacos are not a New York thing. Tacos are a California thing. And I heard about this Taco Shop in East Village called Otto’s Tacos, where the owner, an LA guy decided to move East and bring the gourmet tacos from the west to the The City. Plus his signature move is a scoop of guac on everything. I LIVE on Avocado. There was no room for thinking.

And it was everything everyone was saying and more. The simplicity is their main focus, all the ingredients  are natural foods with no artificial ad-ons. They tortillas, which they make from scratch, are the best tortillas I ever tried. They are not as thin, but somehow more crunchy, they are made from corn with a touch of rice flour. Otto’s Tacos are 100% gluten free (don’t underestimate the menace of gluten, even if you’re not allergic, you will be lighter, healthier and you will move & think so much better if you avoid gluten as much as your lifestyle allows you). Their salsas are handmade fresh daily.

My favorite Otto’s Tacos are Shrimp and Mushroom ones. If you are in New York, you simply need to try these tacos. Did I mention they cost $ 3?! Check out their website for 3 locations nearest to you.

For all of those in Los Angeles, the options are endless! This is the land of Tacos, but my favorite ones are gourmet tacos at Goal Sports Cafe. If you ever visit Goal, make sure you go on Mad Taco Tuesday, and try Spicy Shrimp ones, Bear Battered Fish, Salmon, and Goat Cheese & Avocado ones!