The day of the receipts. As its popularly called, the Kanye/Kim/Taylor showdown. It should be treated like gossip, but it’s actually an excellent social study. It’s also an cultural moment. A realization. A smoking gun.

If you think I mean the fact Taylor may or might not lied, no, I don’t think that’s what’s a cultural moment here. Its the fact our lives became so counterfeit and fabricated; the brutal truth might be our only saviour. The shift is about to happen. I feel it. And I crave it badly. Not many people stand behind their actions/opinions, but they just might have to, in order to survive.

Why does it appear Kim won this round? Why did people turn against Taylor, who, yes very questionable lyrics and feuds later, still has some musical talent; and public likes an actual talent, an actual career? Because of the truth. Not the truth about the phone call in question, who said what and who approved what. THE TRUTH in who you are.

Why was this the only moment in history of mankind (and hello, womenkind), that people actually approved Kim’s action? Because that woman does not hide what she is, what feeds her ego, what she strives for. Gone are the days of her trying to justify the sex-tape, trying to explain the nudity, trying to claim a talent; she was smart to marry someone that will endorse her with his talent, transform her porny-ness into arty-ness; and finally give her an in on the narrative she would never be able to claim on her own.

People are aware Kim’s Snapchat release is not just defending her husband. People are aware that could of been done in more private way; but releasing it on the Snapchat and inserting herself in pop culture showdown she would never be a part of on her own, it was also (if not more so) desperately trying to win over her little sister’s Snapchat reign.

People are finally ok with her, because she is not hiding who she is. She needs to be present in public eye, she needs to control the media, she needs to be talked about, and if she could help her family by actually inserting herself into something that has nothing to do with her narrative, then that’s what she’ll do.

And that’s why Taylor lost here. Because she’s not who she is. Because she’s fronting the image of sweetness that’s not an actual story. Imagine how many times you got fucked by a boyfriend, or left, or treated badly? Did you want to blow his brains out, or slice the girl he’s with? Of course you did. Now imagine having a platform to be able to fuck with everyone that ever did you wrong, or you feel it did you wrong?

Let’s get something straight. This being the cultural showdown and all. Taylor swift will never actually lose. It only appears that way now. She is a white blonde in America, and they never lose. But what she should learn from this cultural moment is just embrace who she is. A mean girl who is nice when things go her way, and powerful bitch who has the number one platform in the world to fuck with everyone, revenge on anyone, so just be IT. Embrace the bitch, take over the world, and for christ sake, stop apologizing for it, or wrapping it up in the sweetness gift paper.

Can you be who you are?

The shift is coming. Wait for it!

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If you like my work and want to support it, buy me a cup of coffee! For more of my content, check out my publication on Medium and personal stories on Substack.

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