It’s kind of hard isolating a great work, nowdays. The world is saturated with so much content, locating quality seems like an inane task. Internet gave us reach, but it also gave so many an opportunity to just occupy space. And the photography? Wasn’t it hit the hardest? Don’t you feel like everyone owning an iphone, internet connection and Tumblr account thinks it makes them the next Ritts or Meisel?

In the midst of all the noise and scuffle, it’s exciting discover an actual talent. Look at these photos; how simple yet so clean, vibrant, emotional? The ideas, the poses, colors, imagery, contrast? Sublime. True art gives you an emotion, without having the ability to explain it. These remind of desert, love, summer, Califonia Hotel, 60’s, 70’s, lust, adventure, Virgin Suicides, Palm Springs, happiness, youth, road trip. By uber talented photographer Sonja Lekovic. A mind capable of coming up with these ideas deserves stopping in our tracks for a minute, and taking notice. Not just fantastic photography, but mad photo-editing skills.


Miranda Vidak

Designer. Creative Director. Founder & Designer of Moodytwin Brand

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