Let me tell you a story. You can make your own rules. Expectations? So last decade. I don’t know about you, but for me, everywhere I turn; privately, professionally, there’s some expected ways of doing something. You don’t know who sets those up, but they are there, barking at you. Reminding you that you’re not doing things fast enough, right enough or just enough enough.

And strangely, the more you’re capable of, the more its expected from you. With social media, I feel all of that is even more heightened. Every time you turn your phone on, there’s some sort of expectation. Its not real, but you feel like people are doing stuff and you need to keep up. And I can not stress enough the importance of your own will, and power of saying – fuck that shit.

I decided to fuck that shit this summer. Now, I don’t have an issue with social media, after all I let you see what I want you to see, and social exclusion is a thought that makes me breathe a bit lighter, never heavier, which is the regular Millennial’s sickness. I adjusted my social presence few years back, and being from the marketing background, I know how to play the game. What I mean is, I decided to fuck this shit in terms of everything that is of importance today.

What do I want to do? Go back in time. Simpler time. Take myself out of this inauthenticity flooding the web/life and relax. Take a vacation. Take 2 month vacation.

This year has been heavy on me; not only running the whole production on my own for Moodytwin’s new bag collection, but doing so much graphic/web/design work for others, I started to be pressured, and the funny part is, not pressured with creating; I can create 20 hours a day, but with putting it out. Content. New content. Content. Newer content. How crazy the times are when we spend more time on presenting the content, than actually creating it?

Hence, my vacation. My vacation does not mean going to some sunny destination to kick back, after all I live in Los Angeles. For us here, going to the beach doesn’t mean much, we live at the beach 365 days a year, we kick back all the time, kicking back lost its meaning, that’s how much we bathe, sun, drink & kick back.

New age kicking back is turning off your computer, not thinking about sales, traveling where your friends are, walking, eating, talking IN PERSON, playing ball, going out with real people, dancing without agenda, watching Fight Club at 6 am, and mostly; opening your heart.

Go back. Tune out. Get ahead.

I’ll tell you where I was and what I did in the next post! Stay tuned.

Photo credit / Sonja Lekovic

Miranda Vidak
Miranda Vidak

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