As you can see on my new designed website, creativity takes a very big part of the conversation. A center stage, if you will. My creative and/or digital projects, as well as my brand are subjects you guys email me most about. I felt it was the right time to share everything I learned so far, all my trial & errors, so that you can find your own creative way.

We live in the times where creativity has become an invaluable currency, but also times where there’s so much content around, so much pressure to come up with innovative ideas; often times we get paralyzed and our ideas stay just that, an idea. Not knowing how to proceed, not knowing what impact we can make, how to go about it prevents maybe something great to come into fruition.

With al the obstacles we face today with the saturation of content (and attempt to create content, therefore taking “space”), there was also never a better time to turn our passion projects into paying projects! If only we can see through the forest, and be clear as to what our creative goals are. Whether you want to write, blog, design clothes, create digital projects, design websites, make & sell art; these are my experiences, trials & errors.


Blog was a part of my creative entity I struggled the most. I always knew I what I wanted to write about, but I struggled with the part of where that blog should live. I started on this site, then I felt my site should just be my portfolio, then I created a separate domain/website for it, that didn’t feel right, then I moved my blog to my Brand’s site, and created a Magazine. Then I met with some investors that thought me a valuable lesson:

Clarity. You need to be super clear as to what you’re selling. Are you selling a product, or you’re selling a opinion? Your customers can not be confused, and well as possible investors that can take your brand/company to next level.

The result: Blog came to its first and original house, my official website, where you are right now.

The moral: Follow your instincts! Your first idea is probably the best, and one you should stick with. If you have a voice, say it. Publish it! You never know where it might end.

Tip: Deciding what type of Blog you want to create is the most important detail. You need to kind of see in future a bit in order to create something that would represent your endgame. Do you want to write a personal blog? Do you want to create a Magazine? Keep in mind online magazines have an army of people bringing fresh, new content daily. You can not compete with an army that gets their sources right from the ground zero. But if you have a voice and what to share your opinions, do just that! Create a blog with your own custom make point of view.


So many people ask me about starting their own clothing brand, probably daily. But what many people don’t understand is just how hard it is to have a successful brand that you can make a living from. The companies that are worth 250 million dollars in retail file bankruptcies, and unfortunately fashion is the business that requires a huge investments in order to break profit. Moreover, the quality of your work doesn’t depend solely on your ability, as is the case with most professions, in fashion it depends more on how much money do you have to create a certain product. Then there’s money for marketing, promotion, free stuff (you need to produce & pay for ) for celebs, stylists, and so on.

The moral: Do a huge huge research before you invest any of your time or money into fashion related business. Check your competition, check what’s happening on the market right now, you need to know every single brand name that is in your field and their in’s & out’s. Think what novelty are you bringing to that table? And most importantly, check your financial sources, and see how long you can live without making any profit from your venture. Also, prepare yourself for no help from anyone. You need to break in yourself. Fashion is a business known to never revealing its sources, so if you need a tip of where to produce, or get a pattern or get that special material, no one will tell you. Fashion people keep their sources a secret like the CIA, and you need to play a detective and find your own sources.

Tip: Watch a TV Show called How To Make It In America. Hands down a cult, epic 2 seasons of Televison. Its such a brutal, sarcastic, raw way of what it takes to make it in fashion, the obstacles, ups & downs; the plot is even happening at my college in New York and most of the situations you will see in this show is the same exact thing I went through in my career! This will help you tremendously.


Lots of people from all over the world ask me if I can connect them to galleries in Los Angeles or New York, probably on weekly basis. First, the fact I live/lived in these towns does not mean I have dinners with gallery owners on daily basis. Second, recommendation only works if the material is good. And with internet & social media, there never was a better time to throw your work out there, and let it fly!

Tip: Create your artwork. Take amazing shots of it. Create a story. Who are you? It’s not enough to be talented today, you need to have a spin. Create your spin. Make a website. Throw your artwork on the website, sell prints of your original artwork if you’re keeping the originals for the galleries, and sell the originals if you don’t mind not having the pieces.

Do heavy social media. I realize people love Instagram, but your art has the best opportunity to fly and reach people on Pinterest. People re-pin nice things millions of times, and your art will get places. And then send your links, website, digital portfolio to all the galleries you want to be a part of, EVERY WEEK until you get some answer. Be persistent. It’s all just a numbers game.

Warning: Sharing creativity is a two edged sword. You need to share it to reach potential consumer, but that also can get your art stolen. Beware of Pinterest. Its your friend, but also an enemy. I got one if my most popular T-shirts stolen, from Pinterest, by one of the biggest department stores in US. Pinterest made my T-shirt exceptionally popular, but it also got it stolen. Protect your artwork, trademark it, put watermark on everything that you post digitally, and track it. Pay attention! Google your art/designs every once in a while to make sure no one is claiming it as their own.

If you want to sell your art prints online, but you don’t want to have the hassle of maintaining your own website, check out Society6. If you need help in designing your website, visit my Studio.

For your further creative inspiration I would higly recommend you to visit, it is a creative platform so inspiring & moving, you will surely find so much content, and so many creative professionals to nudge you in the right direction!