I kept hearing these three words for the longest time – This Is Us. Among people, in media, but mostly on Twitter. Everybody and their mother was on twitter yelling how they cried their eyes out. What was that? A TV-Show. Why would I want to watch a TV-Show where I’d want to cry my eyes out, I wondered. I ignored it. But it didn’t stop. Again, so many celebrities tweeted how they love it. Then some tweeted directly to the Show’s stars Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore & Sterling K. Brown, THANKING them for the show! Rare occurrence, unless you count Sir Anthony Hopkins thanking Brian Cranston & cast of Breaking Bad for making such groundbreaking Television, and we all know the magnitude of BB and the impact it made on the planet.

I was intrigued. But I did’t understand the crying part. I just don’t want to see something sad right now, there’s so much sadness around, I need to watch something relaxing, something that will make me laugh, or wonder. I tried to put it away, and watch everything else I could (if you know me, you’d know I’m a serious TV series aficionado), BUT it was just so loud. I started to google a bit about it, and again, same thing – crying. Everyone that watches it, reports exact same thing – we cried our eyes out.

And then one night I felt particularly down, so I said, fuck it. Let me watch THIS IS US, and let me just cry the fuck out, and see what the hoopla is about & be done with it! Underlyingly thinking, I will surely not cry. Come on. Last time I cried was probably 2006 or so.

I put the show on, ok, its about the family, and I’m thinking what could be the reason for waterworks; someone will die? Someone’s brain will splash on some road? What? It’s all good, no sadness, it’s even a cute show, what’s going on, what’s going on with everyone?

And then you forget yourself, forget what you heard, forget the reviews you read or people’s opinions about it, you get sucked in, into the plot. And then there’s the moment, right there, you will recognize the exact moment when your eyes will water up, and you’ll be hooked to swallow the whole season in that instant moment!

What’s brilliant about This Is Us is the fact the show itself is not sad at all, nor it has this sad, tragic plot where you can’t help but cry over the characters sad destinies, not at all. You don’t cry from sadness, you cry from familiarity, you cry because the way this family is showcased its something you saw, went through, heard; its so realistic, raw, it centrifuges your whole emotions in one huge tornado, where you don’y even know what you feel anymore, but when every episode finishes, you feel empty but strangely empowered, you feel like your soul have just been restored, you feel……YOU FEEL.

The writing on This Is Us is one of the best writing on Television in the longest time; some critics say it manipulates very intelligently with your emotions; however you wish to classify it, it is so brilliantly smart on so many levels, its indescribable. The relation between brothers, the dialogues; it is so blunt, so opposite than embellished, it leaves you in this weird state of being empty with familiarity but also filled with the same familiar emotion. characters are so unapologetically flawed, almost there’s no movie magic (the magic of no magic), this is life, we are flawed, we do stupid shit. Why do we do stupid shit?

You simply have to watch this show. Last Tuesday they just had a Fall Finale, so you have a bit time until January 10th, to catch on 10 episodes. Please do, this show will change your views on life and it will make you revisit the relationship with your family to the degree you couldn’t comprehend.

And also watch it for brilliant cast and 3 Golden Globes Nominations. Mandy Moore who starred in so many pilots that never got picked up, and finally a decade later hit a jackpot (never quit trying). Mindblowing Milo Ventimiglia who will get those tears out of you like child’s play. I could never, in a million years foresee Milo do a role spectacularly like this. He owns every inch of every face movement, emotion, sentence. But Sterling K. Brown; an absolute award winning portrayal. I can not even describe SKB, you need to see him in action. You need to see everyone in action!

Watch out for the Milo/son push up scene & I’ll give you 500 bucks if you don’t tear up! Seriously. Email me.

milo-pThis Is Us, a TV-Show, a 9 hour therapy session, gym session, a soul fixing session that will restore you like a baby.

Watch it here.