I don’t know about you but, I love this March business. It s a start of something! Isn’t a March a start of something? You know it. You smell it! Even if it turns out to be bad, uncomfortable; there’s something coming. And something, rather than nothing, specially something that teaches you or leads you towards somewhere you need to be – is great.

I’m having an interesting conversations this March. I feel like I’m repeating some lessons I did not quite payed attention to in past, so they are back for me to establish the load. I think about the current times we live in a lot. Mostly, I think about how I’m persistent in rejecting some rules of engagement of today. I refuse to met people through the wire. I refuse to engage in social media. I observe. I say. I learn. I don’t engage. I refuse to compare with presentable options that are not really an options, rather an illusion of a choice. I refuse to think everything is bad, changeable, mediocre, threatening; until it is.

Trust. What happened with it? Do we not trust anything anymore? Do we save ourselves from pain by not trusting, or we miss out by not trusting?

For me, going old school in these new irritating times, is always the answer. Challenge the new apparatus with old tools.

I met someone recently that smelled like trouble. People told me. Warned me. I always find it silly when people do that. Get involved. Given, you don’t know what I want. Maybe I like trouble. Maybe I need trouble to trigger something, to lead me somewhere. Are people projecting? Am I projecting their projection? Where do we break the circle? Where do we stop with projecting and just experiencing?

Are we so afraid, we would rather shelter ourselves in other people’s opinions, or our own fears, then uhm, I don’t know…. LIVE? We subsist in this un-factual limbo of reality disturbed with online illusion of life & choices, where facts count as mere probability we chose to regard last.

No one wants to get hurt. But do we hurt ourselves more but choosing our projection, over trust? Is trust a luxury nowadays?

I decided a long time ago – a bit of hurt is worth the trust. Trust is important, not for the people you deal with, but for you. Trusting someone that will let you down is not a defeat. It’s almost something you have to do, until it hurts you. And hurt took me to some pretty amazing places in life!

Your vulnerability is your strength. Your win. People who take chances, put themselves out there in front of the open fire, are the ones who are not afraid to take action, or a risk. By doing they create a certain quality of space around them.

And isn’t that worth of TRUST?

No mater the outcome.