Last week’s Nightline interview with Rose McGowan stunned me. Wasn’t planning on watching it, just passed by it without paying any attention to it, and then I heard words like – “I don’t like her”. “I’m not impressed”. “They all knew”. “I don’t give a shit” – and I was stunned. I have never heard anything like it on national television. Hell, I didn’t even hear it out in public. Or in your face.

What exactly?

The truth.

How sad is that? Hearing a honest direct truth that confuses you, and literally stops you in your track.

I started to think about how much time we waste on not saying it. How much time we already wasted. I started to think about countless celebrities saying polite words, not really engaging in anything, not being direct, or transparent; where you actually see on their faces that the shit coming out of their mouth is nothing but a bunch of bull. I started to think about people around me, and how afraid they are to spit out a direct, honest sentence. I started to think how much trouble I endured in my childhood, as well as an adult life, where I was shunned on every day basis for not being able to process anything that’s “good for me”, but just the fucking truth.

I’m a Sagittarius. Also known as truth brigade. Also known as almost having a defect with our wires, our brains; saying shit that gets us in trouble. I still have people around me, as this age, telling me not to say everything. Not to say how I feel, not to say what I think, not to show my teeth when I don’t like someone, not to show my hurt or vulnerability – treating me like I have some sort of disease.

Every single day – “Why are you saying all those details about yourself”? Because I feel like it. And because its the truth. “I know but people can use it against you”. They can’t. Because I stand behind every single step I take in life. All the bad shit, shitty shit, good shit, embarrassing shit, it’s all MINE. And it’s all ME. And no one can use ME against ME.

To hear Rose say, on national television – “I just don’t like her. She’s fake.”, with the full name of Alyssa Milano attached to the sentence. To say “CAA is bullshit and pimps” – direct, honest truth about how she feels, no bullshit, no packing it in a nice little wrapping paper.

I don’t know about you but I’m so fucking tired of fakeness, not being direct, presenting a face on the outside that has nothing to do with the reality, I almost wanna scream. Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you tired of yourself and the face you put out, aren’t you tired of the people around, combining realities to create the image, they themselves started to believe?

This year started with the bang, and in Astrology, 2017 is dubbed as a year of illusions. And 2018 as the year where all those illusions come to crumble. You are suppose to realize what was not right in your life, what you thought it was but wasn’t, you should make a realization about it. Be woke.

As for Rose, you know what she’s been through. You know what 90 other women have been through, at the hand of one man. You know countless other women and what they have been through at the hands of many more men in this world. As they say, the Time’s Up, but I’m not feeling those movements too much. See that’s the thing about Rose and the difference between her and all the others. They seem to dance to some tunes. She seems to completely and utterly not giving a flying fuck. She is done. Over. Tired. Pissed. Angry at the silence for so long, and now she’s just saying things. Real raw things. The power or words. A word.

People need to be SAYING THINGS, not wear black dresses at Golden Globes, because that did what exactly? I love activism of any sort, but who was saved or made better because of the piece of black fabric? No one. See, that’s the thing with this fucked up place called Hollywood; it’s always not enough or too much. Living in denial for decades or screaming around pointlessly. And Rose is fed up with dresses, movements, people around her telling her how she should feel, what she should do and how she should handle herself. Society is giving you instructions, same society that did not hear you for 6 months prior when you dropped hints on Twitter about the “Hollywood rapist mogul”, is now telling you what you should have done?

People need to stop with dresses, movements and be saying things. Exact things. Exact names of the people you are talking about. Not just about harassment, about anything and everything. Say what you don’t like, say what you like, show your feeling even if it comes to bite you, FEEL, say how you feel; the guy on the receiving end of your message is not important. How he’s going to take it is not important. You do it for you. You say it for YOU.

And being the truth brigade also means saying it all. Not saying half truths or the ones that are convenient. Say unpleasant shit. When asked about $100,000 of hush money she received from Harvey in 1997, and when pointed out by the interviewer that lots of people find that detail of her actually taking money from him as sort of muddiness of the whole scenario, she does not back down.

“Yes I took it. Because that was the only way for me to say then, this was not consensual, I did not want this. If I didn’t it would go away like nothing was wrong”.

Truth is owning ALL of your shit. Even the parts you’re not proud about.

How many real, honest, direct truths to people’s face did you tell this week? Start!


BRAVE – a newly released memoir by Rose. Nightline Interview with Rose you simply MUST watch!