I often marinated this thought in my mind, but never fully developed it into a concept: are constantly hopeful and constantly positive people, sort of those self-cheerleader types, really just – lazy?

Let’s make something clear: I dig hope. I didn’t mean the kind of hope where you break your leg and hope to heal fast or hope the world will be a decent place sometimes soon – that is a good general hope every decent human being should have. What I meant is – people that JUST hope. Don’t do, but hope.  People who think that hoping is enough. People who don’t work on anything because they think hope will get them there.

You know that cheer-y types constantly posting some annoying platitudes on social media: “Go hunny, you will make it, you will kill it, just hope, you are awesome, you deserve it, you got it, just HOPE!!!”

Just hope?

If you actually got up and made a certain effort to get there, you wouldn’t need to rely on hope. I read something interesting the other day –

“I believed that hope was a quality that existed in people of non-action. I always associated hope with weakness, a whimsical quality rooted in lack or action and insecurity. I always thought we reserved hope for something we ultimately knew we would never hold.”

And suddenly my marinade formed into a concept. That is exactly what I’ve been feeling. Just hoping you will be something, is mostly you not actually putting much effort into becoming that something. It’s like the action of hoping dissolves your try.

I see that as lazy.

On the other hand, “negativity” is always frowned upon, in the society. You are so negative! I often hear it. When the overly optimistic people come up to me and say – “Soon, I’ll be a star, a millionaire, and surely, one day I will get that Oscar too, I just know it, I’m destined, I have hope.”

Groundbreaking concept here, but carving an actual career does not require JUST hope, it actually requires a monumentally hard work. It requires a surgical precision of though, plan, action, realistically knowing your strengths and weaknesses, where you are in the market, what did you do so far, how much runway you got – to be able to get there. And that’s considering you have a drop of talent, whereas most of those who choke us with “hope” have lack of.

Is that the opposite side of spectrum? Like Thor and Loki? Is talent and drive opposite than hope and non action? I’m afraid so, with what I hear every day. It’s like hoping liberates you from any pain of – try. The pain of doing. And mostly the pain of sitting down with yourself and truly give your self a chat to understand why you think you’re worthy of hope, but not worthy of an actual effort?

Are you a dreamer or a DOER?

Let’s marinate.

Photo by – sonjalekovic.com