I heard a fascinating sentence, recently. “You have to FIGHT to be yourself”. Platitude? I don’t think so. Only on the first read. But read it again, give it a composed thought. It didn’t state you need to work hard, try hard, to be yourself. You need to downright – FIGHT.

Do this visual with me right now. Imagine a scene in the Avengers where a couple of earthy (and otherworldly) heroes fight some humongous beast crawling from the sky. However many time they punch, stab or shot at the beast it comes back and back and back. Imagine you are the one Avenger. Imagine trying to punch, stab, shot at the beast but you can’t kill it, nothing you do helps, it multiplies in front of your eyes, and keeps coming at you, it’s just never ending, the swings it takes at you.

You are the Avenger. The beast is just about everyone in your life trying to detour you from what you imagined you wanted to be. You need to literally, not hypothetically, but literally fight. For the right to be – yourself. Fight, not with swords or fists, but fight with your perseverance. Mental strength. To call bullshit, among other things.

I didn’t understand this, for the longest time. How subtile this transgression is. How it takes you almost your whole lifetime to realize only handful of people (including your family) really want what’s best for you. I stand corrected, not what they imagined is best for you; but truly listening what is it that YOU want for you, and helping (or at least not obstructing you) from achieving it.

Why does it take so long for us to realize this? I’m a smart person, and it took me forever to get this. Just BECAUSE its subtle. Just because the people who are trying to obstruct you, due to their own incompetence or jealousy, fine-tuned their obstruction, disguised as a concern for you.

Am I suggesting you walk through your life with an invisible sword, ready to fight at all times? Well, yes, in a way. Because at the end of the day, time is wasted. The only precious thing you need to do in life is accomplish all that you imagined for yourself. Maybe it sounds harsh to walk through life like that, but I’m not suggesting to you, or to myself, to be aggressive; I’m suggesting we be careful. To realize we only truly have ourselves to lean on, and to draw strength from within yourself, instead of relying on people, their opinions and suggestions all the time. Most of those are not aimed to help, but obstruct us.

I’m a type of person that feeds of of collaboration and exchanging of opinions; that is when I’m my most creative, but instead I found myself going all the wrong ways with caring too much about people’s opinions that were designed to detour me, and get something out of me, personally, rather than assist in my professional dreams, as I did for many. Until I understood that, I watched people with similar ideas stick to their guns, ending up in Forbes magazine, describing their business model while championing various social issues along with it. Something I conceptualized before leaving high school.

Let me remind you, this is not a blame game. I take full responsibility for my life and my decisions. It’s just a reminder to us all: whether its work, having great ideas, wanting to do something innovative, or just your private life; today, in the time of great comparing of the mighty social media – I honestly don’t think I sound harsh in saying – not many people truly want what’s best for you. They might not wish harm upon you, but they do not want you to be better than them, do more than them, achieve more, make more money or have that partner. Regardless if their obstruction comes from insecurity, and not malice, the outcome for you, for us is the same. And do we have time for it?

Let’s pick our “weapon” of choice and fight everyone and everything that comes your way, trying to prevent – YOU.