We often hear/read stories on how Netflix is one big doom of our generation; alongside all the other devious online polygons designed to keep us away from reality, contact, human experience. Many can argue to the truth of that statement. After all, how good can it be, knowing our penchant for devouring a complete season in one setting, or the whole complete series in a week? The spiel is always the same: we are alienating ourselves, becoming lazy, procrastinating; we can’t seem to have a decent amount of passion for anything, as much as we have for that little website, an app who gets the best of us.

Yet, somehow I completely disagree.

Nothing, of course, is good in huge amounts. Not even the most amazing things in life are great if we do them too much. I agree. Balance is everything. But I strongly think Netflix and its brothers like Amazon, or whatever your poison might be – are the sole opposite of doom, but rather the totally wild and controversial form of self-care.

Why do you think people watch tv-shows more than movies? Unless it’s Marvel, do we really go to the Theater anymore? But TV-Shows, we devour those. Here is my theory. The world is a strange place, today. Society is taxing. People around us makes us doubt the ability for the simplest human connection and compassion. Everywhere we turn, there is comparing, jealousy, bitterness; we are stuck in times, generation, where people want the most with as little as possible effort. Everyone wants to be notorious, influential, important; with not much talent, drive or authenticity to get there. That births frustration, insecurity, anger, bitterness, jealousy.

Everywhere we go, it’s hard. Whatever we try, it’s hard. People make it hard. This one huge Battle of Winterfell we live on daily basis, it’s exhausting. Trying to achieve your dreams while having to go through daily Hunger Games, it’s exhausting. We are figuratively beat up by people, by their inability to communicate; rare are the people who can give us comfort. Is it a guy or a girl you like, your family, friends; lucky are the ones who get comfort from another human being.

You feel me. You live this every single day.

Circle back with me to Netflix. Why are we so obsessed with TV-Shows? Why do we devour TV-Shows and watch seasons in a day and can’t stop? Because those people we watch are our make up friends. Because they give us the comfort we lack from the real world. We don’t watch movies that much because we can’t really connect with the characters more than enjoying the plot for 1.5 hours. But TV-Shows? Those people live with us. Every day. For years and years of seasons. They grow with us. Those people get us, they don’t fight with us, they don’t talk back to us. Every day, we can’t wait to finish our jobs, obligations, to run home and fire up that engine, load Netflix and continue where we stopped last night (more accurately, this morning) and connect with our friends again. Its like coming home to our family. Meeting our dearest friends in the bar.

I don’t know about you, but that part of my day is what keeps me sane. If I don’t spend few hours a day watching something that opens some new perspective for me, helps me calm down, forget the daily frustrations, I would not be good in this world.

The sole app is designed as the form of self-care. Suggests you great stuff. Keeps all of your stuff exactly where you stopped. Waits for you. Caters to you. Allows you to see your friends every night. You have relationships with these people. The only time it basically pisses you off is for those few seconds of loading while your food is already ready and you want to take a bite, but the buffer is still merciless – literally the only time Netflix ever lets us down.

What I discovered in New York is that you can download your favorite shows and watch it underground, in the Subway (don’t laugh at me, I did not need this feature in Los Angeles), and pretty much this app figured out the meaning of all life.

So yeah, I don’t see it as doom. I still work my ass off, and I do so much in my life (way too much sometimes), and I’m out there in the world, not missing anything I do not want to purposely miss; but it gives me great comfort, an escapism from all the difficulties around me, the obstacles throw my way. It’s because I can tune out for few hours and find solitude in these made up stories, that I’m able to take on this taxing world.

What is your self-care of choice in this world? Except Netflix, of course!