Fleabag. I owe you Fleabag. If you read my last post about Killing Eve, I promised to write about TV Show Fleabag next. Prepare. This is going to be one of those situations. You’ll reject watching it, despite me telling you its the best thing on Television right now. You’ll reject it until you ran out of the shows “you like”, only to watch it with the – fuck it – disposition. The – fuck it – will slowly merge into – hmm, hold on – within minute 1 of the show. By the end of season 2, you’ll be weeping gin & tonic tears.

Fleabag is called the best TV Show on Television right now and its written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, prior Killing Eve. I also need to tell you, this is the show that constitutes of 2 Seasons. Each Season has 6 episodes that are 22 minutes long. You can totally take this on. In one day. Its funny to me; I have never told people to watch something with such conviction. It’s almost like I can’t talk to you or be your friend, until and unless you see this. It’s like a right of passage, a secret that bonds us, the existence we finally figured out. (Thanks Sam!)

But seriously now. You have to watch this. Every woman simply has to watch this show, today, year 2019, current society. Current bullshit. But this is not a feminist piece, like people like to call it. It puts a strange agenda on the show, giving it a feminist prefix. The show simply shows the narrative told from the female perspective. Strong individual that happens to be female. Nothing different than Judd Apatow’s moves and tv shows like “40 Year Old Virgin”, “Superbad” and so on, charged with male issues told from men’s perspective.

Fleabag is revolutionary. The heroine, also the writer of the show, lives and observes the often strange world around herself, savage wit and humor in tow, talking to you, the audience, breaking the 4th wall, even for the darkest bits that will crush you. She’s flawed, unapologetically herself, while simultaneously insecure. Like we all are. Like everyone is, whether they own it or not. What surprised me the most is how well the show is received among men. So many of them gave it an unbelievable praise on Twitter. If we’re reaching a shift in the society, where men are not threatened with women having a strong point of view, while exploring and owning her sexuality – then Fleabag showed me tremendous hope.

Why is Fleabag revolutionary? Because its written by a woman, writing a woman. She’s an individual. She’s not cautionary. She isn’t defined by men. She is not devastated by men. She choses her scenarios. She’s inspired by cynicism. She’s not objectified. And for the fist time in my life, I can’t go further with words. There’s just nothing I can write here, to even remotely transfer the feeling of the show to you. Its a piece of work that permits your emotion to go to 5 million places. It just has to be watched, felt, consumed.

What killed me most about the show and the author Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the 2 Season, and the love story she wrote. The way she wrote it. Writers are usually lazy, at least in my taste, when it comes to love stories. Either they are too banal, too undeveloped with characters, have long obstacle but super quick and unsatisfactory conclusion, the chemistry is off between characters, you name it. Rarely you can find a precisely, brilliantly written emotional connection between two people. The way she mastered this concept in Season 2, is chilling!

In season 1, Fleabag, the heroine, suffers from issues of having lost people in her life. One, devastating, by her own fault. She deals with troubles by sleeping with people. Her character development from Season 1 to Season 2, is masterclass in brilliant writing. As I mentioned, Fleabag is the character that breaks 4th wall. She talks to us, her audience, all the time. About all the life’s absurdities. Its like we’re in on it, with her, shaking our head to the same.

Season 2 starts with her face with blood all over it, proclaiming to us – “This is a love story.” She meets a Catholic Priest, brilliantly played by the legend Andrew Scott, who this role was specifically written for. The chemistry they share is of the level to be studied. You don’t think anything of it in the beginning, until you see the way he notices every detail about her. I have never seen anything like it. The way she slowly builds the connection, this woman, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, I mean you need to know true human connection, you need to experience this unbelievably rare connection in your personal life in order to write this brilliance. And the connection she wrote, I beg you to see it. To get a direction, a sense to what you should wait for in life, in case the society or your family pressures you to settle with anyone.

You know those rare connections when someone truly, utterly sees you? When you spend all your life with just wrong, wrong, wronger; when you lose all your energy and will for life by constantly having to translate your heart to the people in your life who just can’t feel you, can’t understand you, can’t communicate with you? Those moments, or rather, one moment, if you’re even lucky – when you meet someone and he sees every look, hears every word, reads every emotion? When you fell like you’re always in on some joke together, while everyone around you just is just noise?

Yes. That. And if you never experienced it, watch this show to recognize how it feels.

That right there is what love is. Something we can’t understand most of the time, and get it absolutely wrong, most of our lives. Thinking we need to meet someone who’s hot, likes the same stuff as us, and bingo! That’s it. It’s not it. It’s truly just this. Being both aroused and terrified with being so closely understood. Phoebe showcases this connection not just with words, but with the brilliant decision to let The Priest hear her when she talks to the 4th wall, us; what no one else can. Them two. Alone. In this. Among everyone.

Fleabag and The Priest, naturally, can’t happen. He’s a Catholic Priest. The 6 episode dance between them, the absolute brilliance of Phoebe’s writing and the lines like – “Fuck you calling me Father like it doesn’t turn you on just to say it!” – before he finally surrenders to her – did not happened when they were cornered and/or horny. It happened when she broke down to him. When she absolutely just crashed, burned, let go, let everything out, all the pain. This is what made him want her. The pain. Remember that moment. And now go watch it.

This is the moment that will change things for you. The confession booth. The word – “kneel” – one single word uttered that created the most erotic, richest most powerful scene on television.

Cancel everything else.

“Just kneel.”