Happy New Year, people. Or rather, happy new decade! When I started writing this blog in 2008, I had no idea I would still be documenting my thoughts, solving mine and the world’s issues by putting it down “on paper” as reflection, in 2020. Two hundred (200) and something posts later, here we are. It’s been an adventure; hopefully it helped you as it helped me, through many challenging times, confused feelings, social & cultural phenomenons, or just trying to figure out that lil ol’ thing called love.

I love going through my blogs from time to time, go back in time and see how I developed, what i went through, what I thought and how I grew over time. Everyone always says time flies, yes and no, in my opinion and in my experience – life is very very long and it gives you numerous chances to get things, and get things right. You have plenty of time. It’s just the question how you’ll use it.

What I came to realize in the first days of 2020, is that things need to get done. Things need to get tackled. You need to do things. We need to actually DO things.

I noticed many many people, surprisingly large number of people I know post similar posts or stories on social media when the clock ticked midnight on Dec 31st that sound something like this: “Goodbye 2019 I hate you, good riddance, fuck off, I couldn’t wait for you to be over, I love you 2020, welcome, so happy you’re here”, and so on …

That baffled me. Why? Because I saw the same posts and same stories from the same people saying exactly the same thing for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

So let’s get that straight. Every year is terrible for you and you couldn’t wait for it to be over only to welcome the next one with such positivity and emotion only to hate that same year 12 months later, wishing it to get lost “because the next one will be amazing”, then you hate that amazing one and could not wait for it to be over but the next …. And so on. Same people. Same spiel. Same excuses.

The only year that you’re “allowed” to hate is 2016 because so many cool, important, beloved culturally monumental people died, that was something no one could change, prevent, it just happened at that time and we’ll never forget it. It will forever be attached to year 2016. But why are you hating every single year? Why is the year at fault? If you did not achieve what you wanted to achieve in each year, that is your fault or your circumstance, it has nothing to do with the year. The year did not prevent you in anything.

I’m huge on getting things done for a while now. Just getting things DONE. I woke up on January 1st with few annoying phone calls demanding this or that from me, and I was so mad it’s already starting, thinking I can’t even have a day or two to relax, then I got up and realized – ok, this is the year you’ll be forced to get things done, right from the first godamn second. January 1st! This is not annoying, even tho you’d rather stay in bed right now and go back to sleep, no. You need to get out and GET THINGS DONE.

I’m not preaching I swear. This is not I’m so cool and I got things done and you didn’t, everyone needs a push, but I’m trying to call you to reason, as I call my own self to reason every single day in private – the year is not to blame, you are not getting things done! 2019 was not a bad year. You did not accomplish what you wanted, you did not put the work in, its your fault, not the 2019’s fault.

I was laughing at some of the posts I saw. Literally what I heard you say in 2017, I heard you in 2018 and I heard you in 2019. Same things. You announced what you’re definitely doing this year, your company, your plans, your projects – this is the year for me, then you didn’t do any of those things, in the whole of 365 days. Now, usually its the case of – we don’t put the work in. Some percentage is the circumstances we sometimes can not help, but those can happen few times, you still have the total of 365 days to do the work you are announcing you will do; which takes me to my next point – Why are you announcing what you’ll do? I saw many of you announcing something I already saw you announce in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and you didn’t do any of it, now you announced it again in 2020, “This will DEFINITELY be the year when I do this and this” – isn’t it better to just be quiet, not announce anything, AND JUST DO THE WORK? Then announce it AFTER you actually do it?

You might think I’m harsh now, but I rather be harsh and make you think and maybe provoke you to actually do something, then tell you what you want to hear. And this goes for everyone, me and you both; we are exceptionally unproductive as a generation, right now, at this time. At this moment. We are distracted with so many things, its monumentally challenging to focus.

I did a research on a subject few weeks back that took me to research more and more about some artists in 60’s, 70’s 80’s, and these people were so unbelievably productive, those people bled for their achievements. They did more in a decade that we’ll do in all of our lifetimes! Why? Because we’re lazy. You don’t want to admit you’re lazy? You are. And that is our biggest problem, problem of today, problem of our generation. Generations before us had to walk home to talk to their crush on the land phone, in the hallway, with their parents snooping and listening, they had to go buy a ticket, get showtimes, think about their time in order to watch a movie in the theater, when they needed something they had to walk out and find it, buy it, and us? What are we doing? Why are we mentally lazy, and that transforms into physically lazy. We don’t need to develop our social skills, we don’t need to work our awkwardness in front of our crush, we just swipe and “order” a person, we don’t need to look for showtimes, we lay in bed and turn Netflix on, we don’t need to leave the house to buy things, we order on Amazon we get it the next day, we don’t need to fight to get the word from our crush, we are spoiled enough to complain how long it took him/her to text us back…


We are lazy. We are lazy. Everything is at the press of a button for us, we don’t care about actual completion of things as long is our statement of announcing something sounds good on social media and makes a good Instagram story. Your friends have a short memory, non-existent focus, they won’t even remember what you said you’ll DEFINITELY do in 2017, 2018 and 2019, as long as you post a cute selfie here and there, few inspiring quotes, few pics from the beach, pretend pretend, my life is great – then you’ll hate 2020 and in 350 more days you’ll post – “fuck off 2020 already, 2021 – you are my year!”

And how long we’ll go like that? How long you’ll announce things you never do?

It’s hard. I know it’s hard. We are not just lazy, but we’re spoiled too. You want to have accomplishments but you don’t want to put the actual work in? Distractions? That is on you, not the year. The year gave you 365 days to do all the things you want to accomplish. From small tiny chores, to big projects. What did you do all those 365 days? You work all day or you have kids, you come home and you can work on your projects a bit every night, but you rather watch Netflix, I get it. But its your decision to sacrifice some pleasures for actually getting some work done. It’s now 3 am, I wanted to watch a movie I put on a side for tonight so badly with 7 scoops of Haagen Dazs, but I will sacrifice tonight and finish this article. There is no way on this planet you can afford watching movies, tv-shows every single night if you actually want to accomplish anything.

I was the worse than you with television. I watched so many things, few things a day, while I simultaneously did other stuff. Then at some point I decided, I can’t do it. I don’t even start. I watch something here and there, but I just can not afford it. I want to get things done. Achieve things. It’s ENOUGH. It’s on YOU.

And if, by any chance, your dismay at the year is not connected to work or projects or accomplishments but some guy you liked and it didn’t work out, why are you blaming that on a year? And not yourself? Because instagram taught you, with its little motivational posts you repost to your friends – “if he’s giving you mixed signals, they mean no”, or my favorite – “if he’s not knocking at your door 24/7, he’s not the guy for you!” – now, and we’ll do a subject on this in few weeks, this is a full article subject; this is also a byproduct of being lazy, being spoiled and entitled. No, I don’t agree with what instagram is trying to teach you, that he needs to treat you “right” or otherwise forget him, he needs to sing under your window and bang your door, because that is what you deserve, I tell you – adjust your mind to the times you live in. That attitude is lazy too. You are not in the Disney Movie, no guy is suppose to rescue you, you should understand his life too, and try to go deeper, instead of just demanding what he can do for you.

Which by no means mean you shouldn’t demand respect and devotion from someone you like, you should, BUT you should also understand there is no DEFAULT for all the guys, if you’re smart and focused, present in your particular situation, I assume you can tell a difference between some clown who only want to sleep with you (unless that’s also what you want) and a guy who has his own problems, issues, work, time, his maybe complicated romantic past – and you demanding things that Instagram taught you does not give him impression of an understanding human being with whom he can build something. What do you give?

Let’s change some perspectives that are holding us hostage, lets create our own reality based on the FACTS you will be focused to see and understand, and not have default action for everything and everyone around us; let’s not be lazy, lets not be selfish, let’s hear others around us; stop saying ALL GUYS, they are all different people, get details, know details. Act accordingly. And most importantly, LET’S GET THINGS DONE, far from Instagram, far from trying to show something that looks like something, let it actually BE something.

You hate your job? Stop saying for months and months you hate your job while you’re keeping it and hating it, start looking for something new, I know it takes mental energy and its easier to turn on Netflix BUT get things DONE. You will enjoy the Netflix so much more when you come home from the job you LOVE. You are stuck in a relationship you hate but you’re afraid of being alone, guess what, thinking you’ll stay in that unhappy relationship UNTIL you meet someone new, NEWSFLASH, that doesn’t happen, don’t waste your time with someone that doesn’t make you happy, you already lived that reality – give yourself a chance for maybe a BETTER reality. You are planning to do something, make something, build something, create something, design something, write something but you’re only planning it and doing it in your head, mentally, and always rather turning on Netflix because life is hard and its easier to escape our reality, JUST STOP planning, SIT DOWN and GET IT DONE.

Happy New Tears! Years!

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If you like my work and want to support it, buy me a cup of coffee! For more of my content, check out my publication on Medium and personal stories on Substack.

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