Been wanting to watch Euphoria for the longest time, and finally sat down to see what all the hype was about. I must admit, I wasn’t expected what I saw. Every part of my being was attacked, every sense stimulated. Since the cult of UK’s Skins, I did not witnessed something as real, row, offensive.

It’s hard. But it’s what we need. Showcasing teenagers, their relationships with each other, as well as relationships with their parents in all its ugliness and realness, I think we need that. Desperately. I never saw the point in watching unrealistic romantic comedies showcasing the type of romance that doesn’t exist today; escapism is fine, entertainment is made to escape our realities, but it’s such a double sword. We watch those unrealistic stories and we think that’s what love is, it shapes up our expectations, specially in its younger viewers.

I’m sure most of you is also tired of same all – guy and the girl see each other, sparks fly, he chases after her all movie, but before that he was unattainable, they end up at the airport – life’s great, where do we get that?

That is not life. Specially not the life of today. Times are messy, we are messy, no one cares about one another pass the need for a bit of attention, no one puts any time or effort in relationships or even friendships, people are spiteful, jealous, selfish; everyone loves what suits them, or as Charles said it much better than me: “You love what you need, you love what makes you feel good, you love what is convenient.” Love really is a form of prejudice.

Euphoria is hard to watch. Drugs, sex as power play, sex as tool, sex as inadequacy, insecurities manifested as an act of aggression and transgression; it is real. Its real life. It’s what teenagers of today are living. It’s what most people are living. I think its well enough time we stoped ignoring the times we’re at, and showcased the actual grit.

The character development in Euphoria is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. The way the character enters each episode, drags a feeling out of you as an viewer, only to see the basis of the character, much later; its an rollercoaster of examining your own life.

The character of the trans teen (in the series and the real life) Hunter Schafer blew my mind. Not sure I find her more impressive in her private life or in the series. The visual parallel the filmmakers used to showcase her connection with Jacob Elordi’s Nate – a must watch. You won’t forget those images.

And mostly, Zendaya. You know that moment when you first see someone in some whatever role and you just know they will be a powerhouse? Everything about this girl screamed powerhouse, years back. And now, in Euphoria, she fully arrived. Her sarcastic and – I can’t deal with this fucking world – narration while she sleepwalks through her daily routines, is truly legendary.

Euphoria. Subject, emotions, plots, visuals. As Vanity Fair called it: “Unsettling and gorgeous”. If you didn’t see it yet, you simply MUST. You won’t forget it for a while.