I have 7 thousand subjects I want to write about in next couple of weeks, but people keep asking me to write about Megxit. To be honest, Meghan Markle is a subject in my quarantine folder for 2 years now. Pending to be written. You see that picture up there? The featured image on the post? I think I have that picture saved for like years now “for when I’ll do a Meghan post”. And I don’t feel like I missed a subject because Meghan subject will go on for decades. I can write about Meghan in 2030, and there will still be issues to write about. This is that kind of story.

Why I didn’t Megxit last week when it was announced? The shocking story of leaving the Royal Family? Because, honestly, I wasn’t that shocked, and second, I did not want to add on it; these two people just want to get lost and let them get fucking lost. They don’t need our countless opinion pieces; who cares really what we think? Or what anyone thinks?

But you guys reaaaally want the Megxit post. Like, you are leaving me messages under different posts about the Megxit post. It’s cute. So I decided to write about it, since it was Valentines this weekend, and leaving the Royal Family is really a love story.

There’s not much to tell you really. I swear I have about 20 digital pages of notes about Meghan Markle, saving it for 2 years now, “for when I’ll post”. The whole study – its really simple. My pages are not important. It comes down to simple concept. World hates women like Meghan Markle. The general, generic world will never like women like Meghan Markle. She annoys because she can get things done, the things you can’t, she can get it done. And that’s why she will always be a torn in the society.

The people who like Jennifer Aniston hate Meghan Markle’s of the world. Always been, always will be. Jennifer makes people (women) safe. She’s not threatening. Angelina, Meghan; you don’t know why but something about them scares you. You’d rather they just don’t exist, how much they annoy you. Their existence. They have balls, and you don’t. Balls to take what they want from life.

Let’s deconstruct.

People say Meghan is a social climber. People twist their eyes when she says on TV – “Before we met, I did not know who Harry is” – bullshit, of course. BUT she has a right to bullshit, she has a right to do anyting she likes, and it’s none of your business, really. She can climb if she likes to climb, she can pretend she didn’t know who arguably the most famous man on the planet is, but why are you hating? You, or who ever is shouting these “revelations” out to the world, trying to “expose” her? Expose her to whom? Public? People? Who exactly? No one cares. Her husband, the only person that matters here, doesn’t care if she knew who he was or she didn’t.  That is the sole power of love. To be loved, simply, uncomplicatedly loved.

I’ll give you the perfect example of how powerful love is. When media got involved in Charles and Diana’s relationship, they broke them apart. When media got involved in Harry and Megan’s relationship, they bonded them together even more. That is the power of love. The lack of it, in Charles’ and Diana’s example, resulted in mess, grief, death. And with Harry and Meghan it resulted it – fuck this shit, we are out of here! Congratulations, media, you just made them that much more powerful and basically the strongest trench buddies for the whole eternity.

And when intellectually challenged people say – she changed him! Nah. She just LOVED HIM.

To even dare to think this down gangsta man is someone that can be altered, convinced in something he doesn’t want to do, really just showcases the insecurities of the people commenting. It really always just comes to that, people unhappy with their lives do not want to tune out the noise, sit with themselves and make a precise plan of how to change their lives; no, they welcome noise, gossip, assumptions, commenting people you never met. You can see by the sentences these people form how undeveloped their consciousness is – “Meghan wants this and Harry wants this…” – the human species who can think they know what someone they have never seen in their life thinks; I drop out of these concepts.

People have very static lives, is it because they have no drive to make things happen or they are riddled with bad circumstances, problems, fighting for bare survivals – so when they see someone that moves through life and get things done, instead of getting inspired, people get disheartened.

To lead the life like Meghan did, to get out that hateful family that sends letters to your future husband not to marry you, to get out of that unfortunate odds, go to college, run around getting the shittiest jobs, doing everything, step by step, getting into a relationship, leave the relationship you don’t see yourself in, always just going going going forward – that is not luck, well, it is a tiny bit, but mostly is fucking hard, that kind of life requires tons of drive, movement, stamina, laser focus, and that is not a fun process to go through. It much more fun watching Netflix and complain (did I just invent the new Netflix & Chill? Netflix & Complain, trademark pending). Success also requires a lots of physical movement, no chilling or sitting around, always just moving is how you get things in motion and many people are just not cut out for that. Those are the ones usually hating. Not being able to admit to themselves exactly why they are in certain position, but looking at someone that is, breeds hate.

Meghan can be all the good stuff and all the bad stuff you say or think about her, but that doesn’t matter. People saying shit about her, I could never understand it, what exactly do you expect to happen? She will continue on her path, and you will watch Netflix, there is absolutely nothing your comments will achieve.

As for the royal exit, I totally support it. That palace treated that woman like their colony – be happy you here woman, enjoy our shit, but don’t stir too much. They could of – countless of times while media hounded her, come out with a statement for a press to stop. Not expecting a Queen should of, given her position and responsibilities. But Charles could. William could. Kate could. They did nothing. Not just that, the insiders, courtiers INSIDE the palace kept leaking information. Therefore, exit is inevitable.

Exit is love.

And if you’re one of those people, at the other side of this spectrum who boost themselves daily and write inspiring slogans on instagram that go something like – “39 and divorced and black and he left the kingdom for you, don’t settle for anything else” – please stop embarrassing yourself.

It’s not a myth of goal to live by; having that as your guideline will only make you fail. Plus it sounds exceptionally dumb. That is them and you are you, find your own custom made love. 

Brexit – disaster.

Megxit – bloody brilliant.

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If you like my work and want to support it, buy me a cup of coffee! For more of my content, check out my publication on Medium and personal stories on Substack.

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