It would be an understatement of the century saying I have never imagined I would be writing something like this, in my lifetime. I’m sure you share the sentiment, and you’re as confused, pissed, anxious, tired and blindsided as I am. As everyone is. We all planned something epic for this year, never have I ever talked to more people with such precise clarity about what they’ve planned to do in 2020. Achieve. Accomplish. Overcome.

Instead, we got the HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’. If you’ve never watched that show, now’s the time. You’re in it.

But clearly, all our collective clarity is this, actually. No jobs or relationships or clothes or vacations we all planed would give us the clarity we expected this year. We needed a shift, we thought we are the shift, we thought we can orchestrate our own growth, only to end up the same as every year. We need to be shifted off our axis in order to get there. But also, I’m not going to sit here and say how we deserved it, how the earth got back at us, how all this has a meaning; people are dying, and there’s nothing deserving about that. There’s nothing poetic or meaningful about death.

I found my meaning in all of this by following this equation: people are suffering and dying, you owe it to make this count! Whether its the personal growth of a kind that wasn’t possible in any other situation but in something this challenging, whether it’s learning more about people and finally strongly discriminating against stupidity, selfishness, carelessness; you need to make this time and this situation COUNT.

As you already figured this out yourself, this is the situation that heightened and highlighted absolutely everything. We found out an exceptional goodness in people, we bonded with some people we lost touch with, with some we even fought before, while we felt shivers with others we held dear to our hearts, seeing how careless and dangerous they are about all this.

Life is never going to be the same again. Our lives are divided in two parts. Before the Pandemic, and after. We will forever divide people in our lives and in the society as in how they acted during this time. Never ever forget this. When this is long gone, never forget who endangered others by refusing to let go of their lifestyles.

Before the Pandemic, stupidity was annoying, but rarely dangerous. Stupidity was frowned upon in a very light, at times even funny ways. After the Pandemic, we realized stupidity is dangerous. Carelessness is dangerous. Superficiality is dangerous. Dangerous for LIFE.

If you follow me on social media, you know I got this situation very wholeheartedly in the beginning, not that I don’t now, but I just adjusted my attitude towards it, and changed my course of action. We all got angry. Angry at the situation and not knowing the why’s. Angry at governments that could do more and instead took the piss. Angry at people recklessly denying this situation, endangering others. We got angry. Then scared. Then anxious. Then annoyed. Then afraid. Than angry. And like that in circle. And being locked in the house doesn’t help any of those feelings.

But think about this. The whole planet, every single corner of this world is dealing with the exact same thing. Did you ever felt more connected to another human being since you’ve been on this planet?

It’s very hard to draw positives from this situation, while some people aren’t as fortunate as us to have the privilege of using this crisis to just learn, overcome, grow. While we can use it to our advantage, this once in the lifetime phenomenon that will bond 5 generations, the cruelness of this moment for the ones not as lucky makes me want to take action and, as I already stated at the beginning of this article – I, we NEED to make this count.

I talked to many of you during the course of our lockdown and I saw (heard) the majority of you handling this quarantine exceptionally bad. That surprised me, as the part of being locked in my house is the easiest part of this situation for me. I almost joked with a friend the other day, however is it possible to joke in this situation, and said – “I have been preparing for this all my life”. While for all of you “normal” people being out is what makes you sane, for me, my alone time and my solitude is what’s making me sane enough to go out and face the world. If you want to know more about why, you can read my article on my condition.

Hearing all your stories and you telling me or texting me or direct message me that something I said or posted made you feel better; literally people are on the edge so badly even a simple heartwarming video of few seconds made you feel better and made your day; I decided I wanted to do something. Take some action. This Pandemic, lethal for some, it’s hugely mentally taxing on the rest. No one is unaffected. And people are suffering in silence, locked away. We don’t need to do this!

We don’t need to suffer in silence, locked away in our homes. This is the only time in your life you have been dealing with the exact same thing as every single soul, your pain and confusion and fear of uncertainty is UNIVERSAL, you are not alone.

This Pandemic is about people, about connection, about unity. You will prevail this because others will help you. I will help you. You will help me. We all will help each other. We are not helpless and we have plenty of resources to help those in fears, those with anxiety or just those who are bored, aimless, unproductive. You are allowed to be all of those things. You are allowed to be afraid, confused, and you are allowed to feel unproductive. You are allowed to handle this situation how you can, not how others do. You can use this time to do something, or do absolutely nothing.

Please take my advice and don’t think about the future now, as I see that is the source of most of frustration among all of you, us. The only job you have right now is to survive. Thinking about the future, at this moment while we still don’t even know what that future will be, is useless. Whatever the future will be, you’re not going to be facing it alone. Its not just your uncertainty. It’s EVERYONE’S. We’ll find ways.

Until then, I’ll share stories weekly from many people giving us all their perspective, ideas, tricks and techniques in how to  survive this time the best we can. For now, let’s embrace uncertainty and join the conversation!