I read something last week.

The spread of Covid-19 is based on two factors:
1. How dense the population is
2. How dense the population is

Leads me straight into my second subject in the Quarantine Series. PEOPLE. I don’t know if you figured this out by now but this virus is not about the virus, this virus is about the people.

Never in our lives we analyzed people around us, and all the little intricacies that come with them. Things we never even thought about before. You didn’t care too much about people around you, before this happened, as long as they were pleasant; unless its someone more important to you. With those, hopefully, you expected more. And then the Quarantine happened. All of a sudden, you got stuck with someone. Whatever your life was, at that moment, and where ever you got caught up when world said, STOP, this was going to be the person you’ll be stuck with. Someone your life even might depend on.

Whatever qualities or flaws people around you possessed before the Quarantine, all of a sudden, they each became extremely important. Your Quarantine and your experience of this scary moment in the history will depend on who was around you, when this happened.

If you got stuck with someone that thinks Corona is just a flu, its no biggie, everyone’s exaggerating, I don’t need gloves and please don’t tell me to wash my hands and leave my shoes outside, its all just Bill Gates and the 5G, there’s no need to stay locked up, congrats; you gotta fight the flu and dumb together.

Weather its your husband or a boyfriend, or wife, friend, roommate, roommate’s boyfriend that decided to ride the Quarantine with her (you), stranger you were banging few times before this happened and had the brilliantly suicidal idea to ride this together; my condolences (don’t worry, I’m there up there somewhere in the mix with you too), depending on who you’re riding this with – is how you’ll end up. Your anxiety. Your sanity. Your health. Maybe even your life.

Were you ever linked to someone like this, where you ever out of control like this, were you ever more helpless than this, having something so important, something that could kill you, depend on utter imbeciles? Not just the ones in your house, but ones on the outside too.

Friends and acquaintances that refuse to understand the severity of this. The ones that understand the self-isolation as an opportunity to create social media content, go to the beach, hang out with friends together in quarantine, make quarantine parties, completely operated from all sense of logic, empathy, reason, social and moral obligation. Seeing friends and acquaintances refusing to let go of their lifestyles, trying to squeeze their quarantine in their routines, instead the other way around.

No wonder everyone’s losing their minds.

But DON’T.

Can I tell you something?

This is your challenge. This right here. Virus is scientific. You read on what it does to you. You got prepared. You read all the info, you got all the things you need in case you get it. You have done all that you can. But PEOPLE. People are your actual challenge. Struggle. BATTLE.

And you can battle them if you reprogram your brain, accept this is the challenge of your situation. Some people are struggling home with the virus, coughing their brains out. Some people are in the ICU trying to breathe. Trying to live. And your battle is people around you. People you got stuck with doing this; willingly, or by accident. You can win them. You can adjust. Overcome, survive.


By adapting. By analyzing these people, locating the problem areas, try to talk, explain, reason. Then demand, pointing out the social obligation to the people around you. And if still not through, locate the problem areas in them that can not be reasoned with, and adjust your side of their problem. If they refuse to follow the rules and are very apathetic in endangering you, remove yourself, adapt to their inadequacies. I know its HARD. But this is your challenge. Remember, you have the challenge #3, the easiest one. You don’t have the virus at home, and you are not fighting to breathe at the ICU. Your challenge is to make yourself safe and sane AROUND the virus of people. Remove your body from common areas, do your part, demand that changes you are forced to make be respected. Stand your ground.

If stuck with partners, husbands, wives, boyfriends, children, that is also your challenge. The difference is, those are YOUR choice. And if your choice was wrong, then unfortunately (or fortunately?) this situation will show it, no matter how hard you pretend.

I know its hard for you to see any positives right now. We’ll cover most of your challenges in the Quarantine Series. We have time. All we have is time. Someone very smart said the other day: “Never waste the crisis”.

Don’t waste this crisis. Use it as an opportunity to improve yourself and to see all the weaknesses exposed; in your life, career, marriage, friendships, love life. Locate issues. Work on solving the issues.

Don’t ever forget what you learned, after this is long gone; don’t forget how you acted, how people around you acted, who you really are, who they really are, and proceed accordingly. Make every minute, every struggle, every single anxiety, someone else’s death – count.

Don’t waste this! Make it COUNT.