Editors note:

One of the main issues you guys told me on Instagram about your challenges in dealing with coronavirus and your quarantine was – stress. Enormous amounts of stress. Anxiety. Stress caused by anxiety. Anxiety caused by stress. And like that in circles. And even thought the situation is very serious and deserves your absolute attention; too much information, warnings, news, precautions can take its toll. How much is too much? When does staying informed crosses that line of too much information causing you stress?

I read a very good article on CNN Health the other day offering a really good perspective to this situation. Virus is not a hurricane or a tornado, its not coming at you at this instant in which case you would need information as soon as possible. Virus is not a tornado. Virus is a long game. Its here. It will stay a bit. ”When does caution become overreaction? When does staying informed cross the line into, well, too much information?”

“The good news is, there is a happy medium between willfully ignoring the biggest story in the world right now, and going into a full-on panic. Think of it like hand-washing and social distancing, but for your brain.”

Mental health is a huge part of our immune system. And your immune system needs to be protected as King’s Landing right now. And as CNN Health advises: “Pay attention to your basic needs. Don’t get so wrapped up in thinking about the coronavirus that you forget the essential, healthy practices that affect your wellbeing every day.”

“In times of stress, we tend to minimize the importance of our foundation when we really should be paying more attention to it. Make sure you are practicing mindfulness, meditation or yoga; it can help center you in routines and awareness, and keep your mind from wandering into the dark and sometimes irrational unknowns.”

I can’t stress enough the importance of meditation to many of my friends, and while most listened and tried, many said – “I just can’t do it, I can’t sit still and my thoughts wander.” I understand the rejection and unwillingness to get out of your comfort, after all, it’s not easy to get rid of our ego based mindset that never had to rely on silencing your mind for balance or any other gains – mental or physical. If you never faced struggles that made you question the mindset that got you everything you needed early in life, it won’t be easy to let go of that resistance. It doesn’t happen instantly. But I promise you, now its a perfect time to try.

Meditation and silencing my mind completely transformed my life. If you knew me before, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend the path I walked and what I have became with meditating. Being still is against every fiber of my body, and if I could silence my mind, you can too. It’s for your benefit, and the people around you. So as a part of my Quarantine Series, I wanted to introduce you to personal growth & development coach Nives Poljak, the women that helped me completely transformed my life with practicing meditation. Please read her article bellow breaking down for you the principles of stress, especially now, during these challenging times, and her advices/techniques as to how to start.

Nives and I also teamed up to give 5 of you that need help the most during these times of uncertainty, a free one hour therapy session with her, where you can talk to her and get a personalized one on one therapy over the phone or your choice of online channel. When you finish reading her article, contact me on either social media profile, tell me your story, tell me what stresses you out, and we’ll pick first 5 people that contact me. Hope this helps you get you on a right track to your best self-care!


Nives Poljak:

So many stories have been written about stress; it’s one of the main things that worries us and what we constantly complain about. We have been told to avoid it if we can, we have been told how to avoid it, and medicine tells us it causes 80% of diseases we face. And that was all before pandemic. Normal life. Normal times. And now? Thinking about stress might have been a casual feat for most people, as we all learned just to live with it. Now, in these times, finding a way to deal with stress is a necessity. Survival, even.

Did you ever ask yourself what stress actually is, how does it manifests, how can we recognize it, what is the actual way it effects our system, our body, mind, psyche?

When I talk to people about what they think stress is, usually they tell me about events like: losing a job, stress at work, deadlines, unpleasant or hostile work environment, divorce, moving, sickness, uncertainty, and so on. But often, people underestimate everyday situations that are part or everyone’s routine like phone calls during the day, emails, traffic, noise, credit card bills, lack of hours in a day to do all that we planned, late night on a town, lack of sleep; those are also a legitimate causes of stress, even though we don’t recognize them as huge stressful events.

Current situation we all got caught in, a deadly pandemic – is just about our regular stressful lives on steroids! We don’t have any answers. We don’t know what to believe. We don’t know what life will be after this. We don’t know what the future will be. We don’t have control over almost anything. For most people, levels of stress are unbearable right now.

We can agree on one thing; it’s impossible to lead our lives without stress. We can’t escape it, however hard we try, but what we can do is learn to take control over our mind and our body.

In order to do that, we need to be conscious about when our body is under stress, how it behaves, and how it signals stress to us. Try to remember the feeling when you were in school and your teacher called you unexpectedly in front of the whole classroom, and you didn’t know the answer. Try to remember how you felt at that moment; your heartbeat was stronger and faster, your voice was shaky, your breath was short, your body was jittery, you felt a cold sweat, maybe your legs felt like they’re not there …. All these signals are there to tell you your body is off its axis, off its balance. The stress formed in your body.

This is the language your body speaks. Remember this, your body always communicates with you. In order to keep your body healthy, we need to learn its language.

Every single one of us have found the way to calm ourselves after stressful situations. Some of us have a habit of calling someone close to talk it out, someone needs to go out to catch some fresh air, someone lights a cigarette to calm down, someone needs a drink, or someone needs a good run; but what most of us aren’t aware of is the fact, even though those acts might calm us down, the imbalance stays in our body. Its not gone, and we just learned over time how to live with it. Now imagine how many situations like this you experienced in just last year, or the last decade, or whole your life, calculate it, ballpark it, and imagine all the imbalances that stayed in your body.

You are the one that forgets the stressful situations after they pass, but your body remembers it all. Your body remembers every stressful situation it has been exposed to.

Scientific research in the recent times are devoted exactly to that phenomenon, researching the frequency of our body and what happens to it during stress, how it can cause a disbalance of some of our organs and what we need to do to get it back to balance, and keep it healthy and strong.

Some of the more often mentioned consequences of stress are hormonal disbalance, thyroid issues, skin problems, vascular system problems, formation of tumors, unfocus, lack of concentration, and the one that matters most today – compromised immune system. Managing your stress today, in the midst of a global pandemic, uncertainty, anxiety – can literally be life saving.

As all the things in life that seem so complicated until we dive into it and learn all the how to’s, managing stress works on the same principle. We need discipline and consistency. In order to bring our body back to its balance, having our organs function properly, as well as having a bigger and stronger focus in life, we need to learn how to calm the body and practice it daily! This is the healing technique I recommend you do in these trying, uncertain times. Weather dealing with small or big issues, the difference you’ll feel within your mind and body can be life changing. All you have to do is find a comfortable space, close your eyes and follow the healing.

Practicing this technique regularly, research shows, we bring our body back to its balance, we lower the heart diseases for 85%, cancer development for 65% and making your immune system 5 times stronger. Now, more then ever, you should implement it in your daily routine.

With all the challenges we’re currently dealing with, all the anxieties we all feel in the isolation, loneliness, fear, anxiety with being locked in the house with people we might not want to be in isolation with

Your focus will improve, you’ll sleep better, and feel better throughout the day. With being more focused in life, you develop sharper skills for achieving your goals. Now in quarantine, you have all the time in the world to do something good for yourself, to help yourself in this situation of uncertainty, but also to do good for the people around you. Tap into your own potential to lead a simpler, easier, and most importantly – healthy life & happy life.