I have a confession to make: i’m only doing this subject so I can have a picture of Harry Styles on my site. Literally this post can be grrrr, lalalala, Harry, something, something, lalala Harry Styles, the end – and it would make sense to exist in this space. Any space. Only his name has this much of an influence.

Why is Harry currently on the carpet? Other than he needs to be on the carpet until he’s 102 years old, every day, every moment of every time – I’m sure you heard about the “Bring Back Manly Men” fiasco from week or two back; I wont mention the name of that right-wing commentator feigning outrage at Harry’s Vogue cover where he’s donning a Gucci gown, compelling her into making this comment. I figured all those lunatics are not even really that crazy, they just found a new profession in the Trump era, previously irrelevant, now professional trolls who figured out their phony outrage makes some serious cash. She also has a book coming out, and all this fuckery is a quest to a bestseller. I won’t contribute to it. You know it. You read it.

I really didn’t sweat or wait for Harry’s response on this, as I usually do with public shades thrown at each other. The whole fun in shading is seeing it going back and forth between people. But this is not people. It’s like a toddler going after a statesman. I heard this woman speak before and she is actually eloquent, makes few drops of sense here and there, and the pile of words she put together in this case is so high up on the repulse-o-meter, I can not but conclude she’s just professionally trolling –

“There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.”

Marxism? There is a brilliant opinion piece on the subject by Van Badham for Guardian, and I can not say this better – “Their adherents chimed in at full social media volume, echoing claims that a gorgeous young man playing designer dress-ups was an obvious Marxist plot to destroy norms and shred tradition. “It is an outright attack,” claimed the book-promoter, who really should be shown some photographs of the Soviet march on Berlin. When Marxists attack, they tend to use tanks and plant flags on the Reichstag, not muck around with Vogue photoshoots.”

A polarizing essence of Harry Styles; is it because of charisma, talent, looks – is his absolute reign in – notgivingafuck-ness about absolutely anything. It must be so grand to be so superior to not have to sweat literally anything in life.

The Trump Project, as I endearingly call it in recent days created a certain space for a culture war, as I mentioned in my previous post. As Van Badham again says in her Guardian piece: “The culture wars that so many of them fought for a Thousand-Year Trump have certainly polarized discussions of gender, race and sexuality around the west, but they haven’t brought them victory. The Trump project they championed now lies in smoky ruins, overrun by an extraordinary democratic coalition of liberals, leftists and also those conservatives who’d just plum had enough of this gestural nonsense. In this context, the strange outcry against Styles reads like a band of ousted imperialists spray-painting “Democracy sux!” on a smashed wall.”

Gestural nonsense. Phony outrage.

The thing about The Trump Project is not about his policies, as I find analyzing those with his supporters does not even make sense to them. There does not lie the reason to his following. Rather, it’s in the way he makes his supporters feel. As Tim Miller says in his piece for The Bulwark – “They are personally empowered through his words.” Influence. They crave it. They never had it. Influence is higher on the list of people’s want list then beauty, youth or wealth. The worst thing you can be in 21 Century is without influence.

Harry posted a pic on his Instagram yesterday with the caption – “Bring Back Manly Men”. He’s wearing ruffles and is eating a banana. The OG clown who created the issue with “Manly Men” tweeted in response:

“When people try to tell me I don’t have influence, and then

@Harry_Styles dedicates an entire post to my tweet.

I inspire global conversation.”

Bitch, please.

Again, Van responds to this brilliantly: “Attack on Harry Styles is no tactical strike. The actor/singer/model/dreamboat has been photographed in all manner of tutus, kilts, heels, and fancy manicures before this. He’s hardly likely to renounce his famous passion for a costume because of some Trumpist mean tweets. If there’s a “POINT” to the outrage, it’s not really to exert influence in debates about performing social gender. It’s just to be publicly unpleasant about the influence of others, like Styles, and to affirm some tribal costume markers to keep grinding their grift among those who remain uninfluential and aggrieved.”

It’s to be publicly unpleasant about the influence of others.

TheTrump Project fiasco is literally being unpleasant about the influence of others. Starting with Obama’s birth certificate (publicly unpleasant about the influence of others) and diving into the sham of a presidency, every single person I know that is a Trump supporter is an uneventful human being in dire need of importance, a purpose, influence. They all are nobodies who now have this sense of importance by thinking they discovered this great conspiracy, a mission – and that discovery from few Youtube videos is, naturally, very much different than some other Youtube video on the opposite spectrum. Nothing about them is or has ever been special. Being a conservative, a patriot, a hater of everything that is not them gives them a sense they did not have before. And this is the cheap, lazy marketing of Donald Trump. A worldly con – a billionaire with a hot wife and golden bathrooms. American Dream for the third world countries and uneducated, gullible clowns all over the world. “A weak man’s idea of a strong man”.

As for policing manly men? Coming from the conservative following of a president that wears stacked heels and more make up and spray tans then all of the Harry’s gigs combined; I always hated the analogy of a masculine/feminine binary. None of my friends ever realized, when forcing to introduce me to men and I would puke at their choice for me, or the poor lost souls that contact me in inboxes or DM’s confused why I want to throw up at their sight – shaved heads, sitting in a restaurant with a steak in front of their pumped up “alpha” bodies, with an unavoidable cigar in their disgusting mouths, wearing visible brands = is literally the idea of hell for me. Just about the exact opposite than manly to me. Opposite than sexual. Annoying. Passive aggressive. Narcissistic. Insecure.

Whereas men like Harry Styles are the LITERAL example of a man. Sexy. Secure. Uncomplicated. Unbothered. Unthreatened. Did I say sexy? Did you ever sleep with a man popularly viewed as fluid, as opposed to those gym rats with cigars in their mouths, traveling the world, sitting on a table with 17 course meals on every Instagram pic? No? Girl, there’s a world of pleasure you’re missing and you are not even fucking aware of it! You’ve been fed lies, girl.

In just this week, not one but two world politicians that are publicly against same-sex marriages and unabashedly homophobic in public – got caught up with men. One in his Zoom video where a naked man walked behind him, staring into the camera, probably unaware it’s on. Another, and this blows my mind, got caught by the police, breaking quarantine AT THE ORGY WITH 25 NAKED MEN.

They Are What They Say They Hate

Please read this piece by Tim Miller.

And don’t forget about this lesson highlighted by the existence of Harry Styles – IT’S TO BE PUBLICLY UNPLEASANT ABOUT THE INFLUENCE OF OTHERS – it applies to everything. Hate comments on your social media posts, gossip, etc. All is just being unpleasant about the influence of others.