Did we, at the lack of social life for the past year and change, start to look more intensely at the TV Shows and Movies for the references and inspiration we lack in said social life? Don’t get me wrong, the sole purpose of entertainment is to raise questions based on real life issues, but we always discussed our actual real life events with much more angst and conviction than any scripted show can provide.

Hours and hours of discussions about our lives and our friends’ lives, romantic lives, mostly issues, dissected to an unhealthy proportions. Enter pandemic, enter lack of social lives; I feel we dissect the shows we watch with that same conviction we once shared with real people. We discuss the toxicity of the characters on TV Shows like they are our own boyfriends, we dissect their decisions towards female characters like it’s been done to us, we live in Netflix, these people replaced our real friends, and their fictional lives replaced our lack of it.

All in all, I like it. Come to think about it, the speed and the noise of our lives before we got shut down prevented us to concentrate on its small details; it prevented us to see who really deserves to be in our lives and who doesn’t. The yield we we’re forced to assign to showed us one unprecedented scenario. You remember that famous speech we all silently give to ourselves where we created “folders” for people in our lives we know are not that great or good friends or are selfish and not helpful and annoying but we are aware of their shortcomings, we are aware who they are and we “put them in folders”, meaning we think we can control their lack of decent human qualities; well you can’t!

The yield we were forced to assign to showed us there is no folders. Who can’t control someone’s lack of a quality you like and need in people, because their lack of quality will someday, somehow screw you over. People are not actually documents that will never pop out of the folder, unless you take them out. They will pop out. You might be aware, but you’re, all of us – are not prepared. I like the yield that made us see all this, that made us understand who needs to be taken out from our space.

I, as you, watched everything that could be watched. Some shows/movies were there to pass my time, but some were more important than the others, and some, at the lack or real experience in healthy social life, thought me things while I wait to get back to it. They taught me about people, folders, qualities.

Show that surprised me pleasantly in my quest to throw away the slightest resemblance of bullshit once I return back to real life, is a Norwegian show – ‘Home For Christmas’. If you didn’t watch it, I highly recommend it; it didn’t start in a way I would automatically think I’d love it, but in Season two something just happened. The show starts around 30-something old nurse Johanne, she is single, her parents bugg her about being an only child with no boyfriend or spouse, she goes on thousand speed dates to find a guy she could bring home for Christmas. We go through a plethora of wrong characters, such obviously wrong men: an aggressive short guy that starts fights, a sports freak who makes everything a competition, a seemingly great guy who ends up picking apart your favorite movie and everything else you like in life, a 20 year old Swedish party kid who made you come 5 times in one night, and older politician who ends up screwing your mother. All while there’s a handsome tall doctor you work with, who has the hots for you but you don’t seem to notice it, given you are so taken with bunch of losers and their issues, looking for someone like the doctor, but yet you don’t notice he likes you and maybe jump on that, girl.

I saw where the series is going, let’s see two seasons of Johanne realizing the losers are losers and slowly realizing the doctor is the ultimate endgame.

But in season two, something magical happens. Spoilers ahead, STOP READING if you don’t want to spoil the show. As I said, season two, all of a sudden, magic – she got together with the doctor, but sometimes perfection on the outside isn’t what you really want. The doctor turns out to be an annoying, clean freak, a dick who cheats on you at the first chance of trouble. You figure out you actually liked the 20 year old kid the best, he actually is the one that anonymously sent you 100 roses, he baked you bread the last time he saw you and he dumped you last year only fearing he’s not good enough for you. You saw him again, and the feeling is there. Again.

Enter next year’s family Christmas. Johanne is again, like last year, questioned about her men prospects. Her family starts grilling her, but, remember I said magic – a twist; its much different then last year, and when she mentions the 22 year old kid by accident, the family wants to know more, whereas I’m thinking the spiel is coming about – “He’s too young for you, Johanne”, but no, magic appears at the Christmas dinner table:

Sister in law: “And the Swedish guy gave you 5 orgasms in one go?”

Johanne: “Yeah. That’s a bit private, but yeah.”

Dad: “What does he do for a living?”

Johanne: “He’s in college. Studying to be a teacher.”

Brother: “Is he a nice guy”?

Neighbor: “O yeah, he’s super nice, I actually met him here.”

Brother in law: “Is he handsome?”

Neighbor’s daughter: “Handsome as hell.”

Friend: “And he like sent you some flowers?”

Sister: “Yes, a 100 roses. Last Christmas Eve.”

Friend: “That’s beautiful. I’ve never done that.”

Dad: “Johanne is a capable woman who is in charge of her love life. I’m sure she has a good reason not to take it further with the Swede. Right, Johanne?”

Johanne: “Well, he’s only 20 years old, so…”

Dad: “I meant a good reason.”


Mom: “How do you feel when you’re together? Aside from orgasms.”

Johanne: “ I laugh a lot when I’m with him. He’s very funny. He’s generous. I feel really safe. There’s next to no fuss. I feel whole, in a way.”


Maybe I’ve been a Covid captive for way too long, but hail mary Norwegians for creating this dialogue, for breaking the norm of – I need to find a SUITABLE man, older, tall, successful, to please my family and everyone around me, and for creating a total different narrative of what should be acceptable, and acceptable is what is acceptable to YOU, with total disregard of how that looks on the outside.

I never was agreeable with what society or family expects for me, but even more so now after all these experiences the 20/21 brought us, and the tortures we all experienced with our families and closest to us where we all got mauled, chewed and spit out with insanity of judgement without knowledge, with sprinkle of close-mindedness; I have only 5 words: I MEANT A GOOD REASON.

(Remove all the folders).

End scene.