If I have to die on any hill, the death will occur on Kanye West hill. You heard it here.

It’s not even – have to, it’s I WANT TO. I chose it. I’m willing. This is my pick and I stand behind it. I put in 15 years of extended pop-culture study into his phenomenon, and let me just add I don’t study him from an artistic standpoint, I do that for fun; this is media studies. I’m approaching this as a Communications major.

Media is shaping our livelihoods, mental health, productivity, personal growth. It’s important to understand these practices that influence us, whether you’re aware it’s shaping you or not.

It’s 2/22/2022, I’m waiting for the “Donda Experience Performance” stream to start, and what better time to summarize the Instagram Drive-By performed by Kanye last 2 weeks and overall his movements the past month and a half. I didn’t want to write about it then, as it was too meta while it was happening, I wanted to wait for the drive-by to be over. Or as someone called it his “expressive cycle”. I wanted to wait until his expressive cycle is done. Also, I knew you wouldn’t hear me while it’s happening.

As you have been reading me for years now, you know I don’t report on something or someone, like news. You know what happened. We all saw it, we read it. What I want to do here is deconstruct it to draw some important points that matter in shaping our views of media. And in a result, how media shapes our opinions.

It scares me to see just how much we’re all used to subtly placed “news”, paid narratives, PR releases placed smartly for you to shape your opinion, social media captions strategically written to make someone look a certain way – all furthest possible from the truth.

Kanye, Kim, Julia, Pete, divorce, news, Instagram, relationships, influence, etc. I’m very surprised how many of you saw it and commented on it, showing me just how far out in being mislead we really are.

Are we really that used to beautify polished, great-sounding lies online that our eyes hurt to the slightest attempt of a real, sometimes messy truth? It might not be as satisfying as beautifully written untrue/embellished captions, but the truth always teaches us something, while pretty lies only make us compare & despair.

Kanye and Julia

I want to start at Kanye and Julia. The collective roar of disapproval at this union, their pictures, dates, interviews documenting their time spent together – puzzled me. People calling it fake – puzzled me. Let’s break it down: these two people met, they played around, tried out some clothes, traveled, took pics, gave interviews, did some makeup, ran around the streets of New York, LA, Miami, Paris, went to some fashion shows, watched a movie, took pics. What exactly offends you here? How is that different than what you do on a smaller scale?

You run around with that douchebag guy of yours, you maybe go to Miami, he takes you to Carbone, you take dumb pics, post 17 of them on your stories, except no one calls you in the morning to report on your date.

How many guys are you in a situationship with? You aren’t really together, but is it what you with him fake?

Not one of them tried to convince you this is something it isn’t. He’s on a rebound, he likes to dress people, he’s a designer, hello, anyone walking home? Julia, on the other hand, and you might not know this – was already a bit of a legend in a smaller niche New York circles. She’s really talented, doesn’t hide her past, has some grit to her, quite frankly a baller. The only reason why you might think badly of her is because Kardashian media machine is trying to convince you in it, one subtle headline after another. They don’t care about Julia placing paid articles? That’s where you’re mistaken. Kim Kardashian’s whole game is making everyone around her seem not as good as her or copying her, even her own sisters.

Kanye & Julia sparked an interest. And instead of playing coy and placing stories in media to make herself look a certain way, this chick gave you what you wanted. Do you want to know what we did last night? Here! This is what we did.

She is doing it for fame? What are you doing on your Instagram? Are you posting stuff to get likes? Comments? We are living in a world where everyone is doing it for the attention, followers, reposts; whether just for the ego or we have something to sell. And what’s fake about her using this momentum to sell her projects later on?

Unfortunately, we aren’t living in the times where quality finds its way to consumers, just because it’s quality. Social media ended those times. No one knows you exist, and no one knows you have a quality. Unless you have a built-in audience, no one will ever see your stuff. Julia played the most honest game existing right now. She was honest about her past, did not try to make herself look better, did not remodel herself into this mystical being to fit him better, she was who she was. She showed her past, her mess, her growth, her failures.

In fact, it was so real, she even had the most unpleasant real moment we all experienced once in life. Telling everyone about that new guy you like/are seeing, only for him to disappear as you closed your mouth telling your friends about him. She went on Call Her Daddy Podcast, called him her boyfriend, and by the time she left the studio, he was gone.

How many times has that happened to all of us? What is more REAL than that?

And you say she’s a bit much all over the place with clothes, make-up pics, fashion pics, posts, trying too hard; let me ask you, how is that different than what Kim shoves to your face daily?

Kim and Pete

The fascinating thing in this study for me is the phenomenon of most of you guys thinking Kanye and Julia are fake and Kim and Pete are real. It makes me doubt the general sanity, critical thinking, and the alarming power Kris Jenner Communications has in convincing you her simulations are actually real life.

I saw so many people online calling Kanye and Julia “a spectacle”. But a made-up relationship between Kim and Pete is not a spectacle? We live in a world where everything that’s not presented subtly and calm must be a spectacle. Made up and edited is real, but honest and flawed is not real, and it’s a spectacle? Calm is real, loud is fake?

Let it marinate a bit.

How do I know this relationship is fake and made up by Kim and her mother? Aside from having a set of eyes, it’s a few things:

  • High-maintenance dressing women like Kim will never be with a casual low key dude that doesn’t care about his clothes or appearance.
  • Type A personality like Kim would never be with someone that smokes, and Pete chain smokes.
  • They show no chemistry on pics together. When we see Kourtney and Travis, we are excited and aroused because we SEE the energy between them on a picture or a video. Kim and Pete have nothing of that. In fact, they so lack in chemistry, the tabloids and magazines on a Kris Jenner payroll keep captioning their pictures as “definitive PDA” (public display of affection). Since we don’t see it, they are TELLING US what we need to see. Sure, Kris.
  • All their “dates” are infantile. They look like they were planned by a lazy new assistant. They went on a pizza date, ice cream date, rollercoaster date, CVS date, outlet mall date, are ya both 12 years old? I’m embarrassed to even participate in this analysis.

As Emily Kirkpatrick said better than me: “She wore those boots on her date with Pete to an escape room, and maybe I’m just jaded and this is really what adults do on dates these days, but I feel like all of their outings are very much activities one would do with their child. Like pizza parties, escape rooms, at-home karaoke, outlet malls, caramel apples, I don’t know man. It’s not doing much to foster the illusion of some great romance, much like Pete smoking a cigarette on their latest date, which as I’ve pointed out before is for sure one of Kim’s nonstarters”.

I mean these two are not even getting their assignment seriously. They are so mediocre in making this seems real, as Pete being caught by Buzzfeed for moving a candle with Kim’s face into the frame before his TV interview started, which only tells me how little they think of their fan’s intelligence, not even trying hard to sell it, thinking this half-ass attempt actually convinces anyone.

Well actually I stand corrected, all of you DO think their relationship is real, so joke’s on me.

I know what you’re thinking.

“But why would she do this?”

“But why would he do this?”

Can you please divorce yourself from looking at the obvious? Too obvious is presented to you in such a simple manner, for you to think it’s too obvious to be anything but what it is.

You are stuck at “Kim is so big, why would she need this” and you are stuck at “Pete is already known, and famous, and he’s so down to earth, why would he need this?”

I’ll explain my theory, very simply.

Pete, first:

Why would he do this, everyone knows who he is? Well, yes and no. He was famous pre-Kim, but he was still niche. He was a part of the conversations but he wasn’t a household name. He was alternative, now he’s huge mainstream. And 30% of that is Kim. And 70% is Kanye. You think it’s bullying but he actually cemented him into a popular culture forever. We’ll get to that part later.

There is not much you can do today in business, without following. Everything you are trying to sell, a book, an article, a movie, a tv show, a comedy special – requires a built-in audience, in order to get picked up. Numbers matter. And mainstream numbers matter more than niche numbers.

I went to see a Mavs-Knicks game in January, and as usual, the jumbotron showed all the celebs attending. The cast of Succession, people were clapping. Offset, people were clapping. Ansel Elgort, people were clapping. Jacob Elordi, people were clapping. Pete Davidson, people were SCREAMING.

In what parallel reality would Pete get more screams than Jacob Elordi, the hottest man on the planet earth? In this one, post-Kim.

Screams translate into more shows, movies, specials, hosting gigs. And your asking price is much higher, as your profile goes up. Why wouldn’t he do it? Everyone’s striving to go bigger, get more. I don’t necessarily support his fake alliance, I think it made him a bit ridiculous in many circles of cool he was highly regarded before, but I can understand it.

As for Kim?

I think you people keep forgetting about her boring, sterile persona pre Kanye. Hell, this might be the only person on this planet that has a sex tape and is sterile at the same time. She is interesting ADJACENT someone. On her own, what do we have? Every day a video of another bra, bike shorts, or tank with: “You guuuuuys I’m so EXCITED, to show you ___ enter xyz in nude colors. Same tone, same words, same static boring energy.

Kim is famous, but she’s not an artist. She doesn’t produce art for people to get emotionally involved. She’s just an influencer on steroids. She shells the product.

What she is talented for, I have to give her that, is “fame-tapping”. Term coined by Lainey Gossip, meaning she knows how to fame tap, plug into someone else’s celebrity. As Lainey brilliantly explains:

“From a strategy perspective, this works – and Kris knows it. Kim and Pete came out of nowhere, so it’s the element of surprise, from a family that has been pulling on the same cards for a while. And Pete is popular. People talk about Pete Davidson a LOT. Gossip has embraced Pete. And this is one of the Kardashians’ most skilled moves: they fame-tap better than anyone else: they always find a way to plug into a celebrity energy source, borrow it or combine it with their own, and exponentially increase the power of it. No one is better at fame-tapping (I think I just invented this word?) than the Kardashians. 

Still… is it legit? Kim and Pete? 

It doesn’t have to be! The point is never what’s real, the point is the endless conversations about what’s real and what isn’t. And in Pete, they seem to have found a willing participant. He doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable with the attention.”

The detail she’s tapping into up there – “pulling the same cards for a while”, Kardashians are always pulling the same exact formulas. Kourtney changed that when she stirred 180 from their aesthetics and shenanigans by falling for Travis Barker. Hysterics that ensued only prove how much everyone was bored of their same-all tired narratives.

Kim, of course, couldn’t let that amount of attention happen to someone else; enter – hold on I want that, enter – Kim and Pete, the weirdest coupling in the history of nonsense.

Also, you know why? Because it’s tits for tats with Kanye.

Kanye made her from tackiness that could not get a legit cover or a designer to dress her. He came in, made her to what she is today. It’s power. His power.

Pete for her is that power. It’s a power move. To show SHE can make someone like Kanye made her.

I like Lainey’s assessment on this one too:

“Kim and the Kardashians started by association with Paris Hilton back in the 2000s. Then came the sex tape. They turned that into a win – for Kim and the rest of the family. Keeping Up With the Kardashians made them a force. But Kim’s marriage to Kanye made her a pop culture queen. No matter how you feel about him, it’s undeniable that Kanye is a living legend. And was already a pop culture icon before they became a couple.

Their marriage put Kim on a different level – from the styling to the rooms and red carpets that were now available to her (and by extension, her family), Kanye took Kim to the top. Where she has remained, even though her marriage has fallen apart – because she and Kris knew how to stay there, because as we have all had to admit over the years, they’re really f-cking good at being famous. Which is why they’re now showcasing a new dimension to their fame power: kingmaking. 

If this is indeed the play, it’s kind of genius. Can the girl who was queen-made by someone who, then, was more famous, turn around and become a kingmaker herself? Is that what they’re doing here with Pete Davidson?”

If you’re still not convinced, then Kris Jenner wins the study of slowly and subtly placing her narrative in media, shaping people’s opinions like we’re in some kind of simulation, and convincing us her made-up narrative is legit, moral and honest, and what’s actually legit and honest is crazy and unhinged.

That’s why Kanye is important here. What you see as his antics and his “harassment” is him coming in to break their house of cards, to muddy the perfectly placed false narratives they spend decades to build and perfect.

Why do you support Kim? And not him? Because she’s calm and beige and he’s on a tangent? Why are you supporting a person that prevents journalists to write their honest opinion or reporting about her, but is on payroll to publish a press release her mother sends in? Every single headline about Kim is perfectly placed PR. Before her 7th sentence on the SNL, the articles started to come out saying: “Kim killed her SNL speech”! It’s shaping what you think before you had the time to form an opinion. It actually INFLUENCES your opinion.

Kanye and Instagram

Before I delve into this part, know this fact. Kanye sampled Kim’s SNL speech on Donda 2 Experience Performance in Miami. In order for anyone to sample someone’s speech publicly, he had to get approval from SNL and HER. You’ve seen it, so obviously – it was approved.

So please explain to me how this narrative works for you, my husband is harassing me and I don’t feel safe but then I’ll go to his performance with my daughter and I’ll allow him to sample my voice?

Would a harassed in fear person do that? Would you?

However harsh this sounds to you, and as I already said, I’m willing to die on this hill, Kanye’s antics on Instagram benefited her, more than him. Sampling her voice at his culturally important performance reminds people about her SNL achievement and makes her a part of pop culture history. How would she get there on her own? By selling make-up and bras on Instagram? Like influencers do? When could shelling product ever be tied to pop culture phenomenon? How can you not see EVERYTHING he does BENEFIT her?

The “harassment”

Kanye does his “expressive cycles” every time he has a project coming out. You already know this. You’ve seen it since Pablo. Why are you then surprised he’s doing it? This is his very successful and FREE marketing campaign. It costs literally nothing, yet sells 2 million dollars worth of Stem Players in 24 hours. No publicist no manager no agent.

Just him.

Furthermore. Kanye is a rapper. You are reading his captions like other people’s. Read his captions like bars. Read it like rap. You saw he uses no punctuation. In his text messages, he does. No punctuation – bars.

Does he mean everything he says? Do rappers mean every shit they spit in their songs? Do rapers who beef with each other and insult each other meet in the alley afterward?

Further. Kanye is on a spectrum. Don’t undermine this fact. I’m on a spectrum. People on the spectrum can not read social cues when tired/stressed/attacked with more stimuli than we can handle at that point. The result is annoyance, directness, unpleasant honestly, talking on a tangent. I hear people often say: “I know he/she’s bipolar or autistic or anything on the spectrum BUT THAT’S NOT THE EXCUSE TO ….. Well, it quite literally IS adding crucial context to why we sometimes speak the way we do, and the responsibility of media reporting on him is to include this context.

Kardashians placing articles in the stratosphere painting him as abusive, crazy, unhinged – it’s rich, considering she released a statement about his bipolar disorder, after his presidential run, when he had another one of his “expressive cycles”, saying: “Those who are close with Kanye know his heart and understand his words sometimes does not align with his intentions. We as a society talk about giving grace to the issue of mental health as a whole, however, we should also give it to the individuals who are living with it in the times when they need it the most.”

So let me get this straight:

  1. Kanye was a great devoted husband for a decade, then all of a sudden he became abusive.
  1. When we still played house and it suited my narrative I released s statement telling people he’s bipolar and his words sometimes don’t align with his intentions and asked the public to give him grace.
  1. But now that it doesn’t serve my narrative anymore and I have to win this narrative war, when I need to paint him as a harasser and gain myself some sympathy, now we don’t look into the context of mental health anymore, as I posted publicly on Twitter when it suited me, now he’s just abusive?


Don’t get me wrong, I think all 3 are playing a part here. I think Kanye struggles from feeling the extremes (quite LITERALLY the characteristics of bipolar disorder): he goes from I want to burst their bubble…to trying to protect her, from trying to unmask Kris Jenner media game…to admit he plays it too.

The point that bothers me in this whole narrative is the harassment part. We can all look at their Instagrams for fun and games, but the serious and quite frankly dangerous part is Kim playing this narrative into many harassed women’s experiences, and triggering them. Would you ever think Kanye is abusing Kim if you haven’t seen headlines TELLING you that is what he’s doing before you formed your own opinion?

You can’t tell? That’s because they put those articles before your eyeballs before you can even remember what came first.

How am I so sure about this?

Because of the many details that just clearly point in that direction, and I paid attention for a decade.

For days and days of Kanye’s drive-by, Kim was silent. Her narrative in media is of course – “she’s so chill, unbothered, wants to focus on kids”. While Kanye’s narrative was mean, abusive – “Kanye telling people Pete has aids”, and such nonsensical headlines. Then she finally releases a statement after he expressed his dismay about his kids being on TikTok: “I wish to handle all matters regarding our children privately and hopefully he can finally respond to the third attorney he has had in the last year to resolve any issues amicably.” – subtly placing a dig in her statement about him changing 3 lawyers, again feeding into the narrative of his crazy unhinged behavior that can not even hold on to his own lawyer.

How can anyone think this woman is sincere, I will die before I figure that one out.

There is a psychotherapist on Instagram that created a profile – Kardashian Kolloquium, dissecting the phenomenon of Kardashians researched with an academic approach. She pointed out Kim chose to release the statement to escalate the drama and attention on the same day she started driving traffic to Kardashians Hulu into account, and same-day she dropped video teasers for the show. Same day.

You think Kanye is harassing her. She decides to release a statement further escalating the drama on a day she started driving traffic to Kardashians on Hulu Instagram account.

You think he’s harassing Pete too. Pete who left Instagram a few years ago “due to a toxic atmosphere” after Mac Miller’s death. He can not handle the toxicity of social media YET HE COMES BACK to social media in the midst of the biggest celebrity drama known to mankind.

Does that make sense to you? Do harassed people come to join the dance? Or do they come to benefit from the cultural storm Kanye is waging that benefits everyone?

As I already stated before, we are reading Kanye’s posts like we read other people. It should be read like a rap. He spits things, some questionable, some brilliant; how are his captions any different than Drake dissing Pusha T, Common, Kendrick, Weeknd, Ludacris?

As the @kardashiankolloquium brilliantly says: “The whole divorce Insta mess is just great publicity for Balenciaga, it’s also the best possible hype ever for upcoming Kardashian Hulu show”.

And who did all that? Kanye. Hell, he might even be better than Kris Jenner.

I also ran into a great comment/assessment online: “Kim used to be this perfect wife/woman, her brand was definitely about having it all at once and general perfectionism. Now she has to completely pivot and be vulnerable. I don’t think Kim has ever been this unwillingly exposed like this in her whole career, especially by an insider like Kanye. But she’ll use her motherhood for sympathy to reel us back in for those Hulu ratings because the general public is finally starting to get really fatigued, the facade has been totally stripped away.”

How did we even end up at this battle of truth vs. fiction, spectacle vs. legit, calm vs. loud, wholesome vs. crazy?

If we start from the origins, I don’t think Kim was ever in love with Kanye. Her with Reggie Bush, it was totally different optics. There, we saw chemistry. Kanye was a friend, for what, 10 years? All of a sudden, she sees him as an option?

What I do think Kim is very good at is knowing what’s good for her and what can take her to another level. Before Kanye she was losing the handle, Kris Humphries courtship was a joke. Kylie was seriously getting ahead of her. She knew she needed to be associated with something more legit. Enter Kanye.

You all know the path from no designers wanting to have anything to do with her, people running away from mere association. Kanye changed all that. Slowly, but surely.

I honestly think he served his purpose.

One of his posts on last week’s Instagram Drive-By: “I gave that family culture. If they keep playing with me, I will take that culture back”.

I also don’t think he wants her back like he’s been presenting. I don’t think this person would move to Wyoming for a whole year, as it was reported then from not the media but his close friends: “To get away from that family”. Not suggesting here he stopped loving her, but maybe couldn’t deal with everything that comes with her.

When anyone breaks up, you know there is a narrative war incoming. With any couple, any scale. You’ve broken up with people, and it was a race of who will win friends, better life after each other, who will get a better job, house, or a hotter next partner? We’ve all been there.

Except for Kim/Kanye, it’s who wins public.

Except Kim is not only playing this game with Kanye but also her sisters. Anyone. Her need to always one-up someone in attention is disturbing.

Also, Kim’s game after this divorce is lacking. She’s not that interesting on her own. Her fashion is not as impeccably tailored or styled post-Kanye.

Skims is lacking too. As Emily says: “She’s still over here shilling this tacky-as-hell pleather Skims collection that’s looking way too sausage casing adjacent for literally everyone’s taste. I really don’t think she can prove herself to be the elevated fashion girlie she wants to be post-Kanye while still doing these types of half-assed budget basement campaigns. Either Skims needs to be releasing British Vogue-caliber shoots or she has to drop it entirely and farm out the campaigns to other stars.”

So cultural currency, at this moment: not so culture, after all.

Enter Kourtney. Enter Travis. Global hysteria. Something different, something new. A far cry from the usual Kardashian same, same, same.

Enter Kim and Pete. Not really the effect as planned.

Enter SNL. People called it a success? Or did Kris Jenner call it a success? Somehow failing to see how trashing your whole family to make yourself look better is a success. Corey is a gold-digger (I’m not!), pretend Kourtney and Travis making out in the courtroom as an attempted dig at their PDA (I’m so classy I don’t do that!), and my sisters are all taking my picture to their plastic surgeons? Find that hard to believe, given they all have better bodies.

The verdict was unanimous. “It was a success”. “It was all good fun and jokes”. Why not joke to your own expense? Why others?

Don’t you ever worry why there are absolutely NO articles being published in the last few years that critique Kim Kardashian? And I only mean Kim, not the rest of the Kardashians. All of the sisters get their fair share of criticism. But not Kim. When Debra Messing expressed wonder at the news Kim will be hosting SNL, she was shut down and shamed so fast, she spend the whole week apologizing on Twitter. Can anyone have an opinion about this woman?

Every critique that passes through the trenches, gets shut down as “not supporting women”.

Where was that narrative when Kim – not participated with him, but harassed Taylor Swift ON HER OWN in his name, or for clout, or to be a part of a pop culture narrative – by releasing a tape of a phone conversation between Swift and West? Only later on for everyone to find out Swift was actually telling the truth.

That was bullying and harassment, publicly. Where was the outcry then? But now we need to feel sympathy for Kim being “harassed” on Instagram?

While she responds to him on a day she is driving traffic to Kardashian Hulu Instagram?

If I can gather all this just by looking on the inside, is it really surprising Kanye is speaking up, however tactless he sometimes can be? What does he know to be saying things like –


Do you even realize the importance of these two sentences? “These ideas can actually get someone locked up. They play like that with Black men’s lives whether it’s getting them free or getting them locked up, I’m not playing about my black children anymore.”

I’m stunned at that sentence, however many times I read it.

Kim’s prison reform work, even though the result is beneficial for the unfortunate people stuck in the unfair prison system, releasing them means power. Influence. Playing God. No one can convince me this is just altruism.

Kanye is often crass; I feel like he’s fed up and wants to be in charge of his own narrative. He wants to break, muddy, challenge what the family presents in media.

His words, even though you think he’s insane, are very important in this study.

There is this misconception running around, freestyling, how everything that is put nicely and calmly must be good. And everything that is direct, brutally honest, loud, must be bad.

Kanye being upset at his daughter on TikTok is bad, but Mason expressing the same concern in the text to Kim is sweet? It’s ok to screenshot Mason’s messages and post them, but is it not ok when her messages are shared?

Kim does not have an in on TikTok without North. It just doesn’t work. Kids are their way into relevance on TT. How dare he challenge her cultural influence? Or better yet significance.

You don’t think these things matter to her? In one week Kanye witnessed his influence on the stage design of the Superbowl Halftime show, released Donda 2, held Donda 2 Experience Performance, released Yeezy/Gap/Balenciaga, and released a Stem Player.

There’s absolutely nothing Kim Kardashian can ever do to reach that level of cultural influence.

She’s clueless about the culture without Kanye to steer her; only proven with her recent Vogue cover with “blackfishing moment masquerading as Elisabeth Taylor moment, and the notable emphasis on kids” – as someone commented under the post. Emphasis on kids, as I said before, only interesting adjacent someone. Even her not even 10-year-old kids.

But Kim/Kris are trying. HARD. Every third article about Julia Fox is accompanied with a headline – “Julia is copying Kim”. The woman wears leather she’s coming for Kim. Another one he’s dating or hanging out now, a headline – “She is copying Kim”, “A lookalike Kim”?

Kim before Kanye was this, this, and this. Her style is not her style to copy, she didn’t invent her style. He invented that style. So who exactly are all these people copying? My good friend and editor wrote a few weeks back – “Whether you realize it or not Kanye and Virgil have been dressing you all this time”. They are copying Kanye’s style.

In the same week Kim posted a picture of her sisters with epic platitude – “Side-by-side or miles apart sisters are always connected at heart”. Every single sister would overshadow Kim by character and talent if not for Kris Jenner working overtime mind-numbing us into submission about Kim’s greatness. Greatness we don’t actually see but are told about.

And finally Kim’s Vogue video.

In the words of @kardashiamkolloquium: “Kim Vogue home video with a choice of music to represent calm vibe; beige also meant to represent it, border on melancholy. Every aspect of this video matches; Kim matches the home, everything in the video matched itself and then the video matches all of that. This video is meant to further push an image of Kim as this calm, healthy, balanced figure. A working mom but also a nurturing, home-oriented mom”.

All to give you the opposite of Kanye’s crazy, intense, imbalanced, lunatic vibe.

Please tell me you see it by now.

What is the superficial conclusion of this whole saga? The Instagram expressive cycle by Kanye West? While you can not get that guy to text you back here is Kim Kardashian with someone dying on Instagram for her, trying to get her back, trying to win her back. Meanwhile, she’s with this other guy everyone loves. All while everyone’s copying her style. All while she’s been harassed by an ex who won’t let go, while she’s this calm, beige mother, power, influence, just trying to live her life, collecting sympathy from even the most hardcore critics; because – “I mean I’m not her fan or anything but this is just plain wrong” – a sentiment repeated over and over again.

This is what you left with.