The series “Inventing Anna” didn’t fascinate me as much as the real story. Moreover, the show was annoying at times. More than I care to elaborate. In order to make the characters interesting, many are just simply overdone. Jessica/Vivian, the reporter, her face gimmicks were so distracting, aging Anna Chlumsky way before her time. Neff is the most irritating character in history, and Rachel is up there with her, sharing the Olympic podium.

And they don’t seem that much different to me in real life.

The “easy materialism” of Rachel has been the subject of many articles and even more speculation. The woman who got all her money returned, the woman who enjoyed all expenses paid for years prior the trip, who made close to $300,000 in book deals, articles, tv rights and is constantly contradicting herself with not wanting to be involved with “the most stressful times of her life”, only to keep talking and writing about every new move Anna makes.

I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I just can’t find sympathy for her.

Neff is no better, only this one is a tad smarter and she understood the notoriety of Anna and calculated early on she can benefit from the proximity. It seems like this woman (Anna) found a leach after leach after leach, and they’re still sucking.

The way Neff is trying to get a filmmaker career out of this, but keeps this ride or die persona is vomit inducing to me. She pretends to be this discreet persona in public with Anna’s best interest in heart, but where was that when they had dinner with Martin Shkreli, tweeting after the fact that Shkreli had played Anna and her the leaked tracks from ‘Tha Carter V’, the delayed Lil Wayne album he’d acquired.

Anna was furious, asked Neff to delete that tweet, but Neff refused. She then said to a magazine, when asked – “I wanted everybody to know that I heard this album that the world is waiting on! But Anna was pretty mad. She didn’t come down to my desk for maybe three days.” – in her own words.

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